For today’s productions. And tomorrow’s changing demands.

VMC1 merges NewTek’s proven software-driven live production approach with power, efficiency, and flexibility – enabling you to create for all types of digital media programs and platforms.

Easily cross the lines between television, Internet, and mobile screens

  • Send streams, clips, active recordings to social media, and Web-based destinations
  • Package content to non-linear editing systems for fluid, file-based workflows
  • Use instant replay for live events coverage and highlights production

Transform content into a wide array of formats, resolutions, aspect ratios, and frame rates

  • Use non-standard aspect ratios, like 9:16 and square video
  • Rotate and flip video on all inputs and outputs to conform to session aspect ratio
  • Include non-standard video frame rates

Readily access all the inputs, outputs, and media assets from any location on the network


A software driven solution that is flexible
and agile to use in multiple ways


Fully Integrated Solution

  • 44 Inputs – NDI IP - UHD 60p
  • 8 M/E
  • Certified Chassis from NewTek
  • Extended Warranty options
  • SDI and audio I/O
  • Use NC1 Studio Modules for expansion and SDI / SMPTE 2110

How and where you choose to create digital media productions can change over time with new requirements. The IP centric foundation of VMC1 make it easy to operate for distributed and remote production.



All VMC Systems can be enhanced through a Premium Access subscription. Premium Access provides a range of the latest capabilities to keep you ahead of the competition.

  • Live Story Creator
  • 可扩展录制
  • LiveGraphics
  • LivePanel
  • NDI® KVM
  • 优化视频 I/O

Automate with Viz Mosart

Powerful studio automation is available for VMC through full integration with Viz Mosart from Vizrt. With VMC control, Viz Mosart only needs to interact with one system to achieve mixing, effect, keying and playback.

NewTek Remote Storage

使用由 SNS 提供技术支持的 NewTek Remote Storage,让您的工作流更加完整。NewTek Remote Storage 系统采用可选的机箱和网络连接扩展,是功能强大,可扩展的共享储存解决方案,专为满足当今实时制作环境的大容量和高性能需求量身定制,能够随时根据您对媒体的需要进行调整。


触手可及的 NewTek 专业服务

从系统和工作流设计到操作员培训和技术支持,NewTek 的行业经验将有助于确保从设计到安装一直到制作的成功。通过 NewTek Professional Services 优化购买,您可以信心十足地投资于 VMC。


NewTek 产品

NewTek 拥有遍布世界各地的经销商网络。他们全部都熟知我们的产品,是视频制作和流媒体行业内的专家。

使用本工具寻找附近的 NewTek 经销商。



获取关于 NewTek 系统和 NDI 实时制作工作流的专业建议,或者允许我们在您和我们的当地合作伙伴之间进行匹配,让我们的解决方案专家为您提供帮助。

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