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Your Municipality Connected

Communicating effectively with citizens has never been more important than it is right now and creating content that is just as good as network style TV is what people expect. Ensuring your content is available and accessible means citizens stay informed, especially when they can’t be on site.

Stream your city council meetings, commissioner meetings, community events, and PEG content to your government website, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and more.

  • Deliver up-to-the-minute critical crisis communications to the public
  • Promote government transparency and resident engagement
  • Reinforce internal communications across agencies

New TriCaster Mini 4K Can Help

The new TriCaster Mini 4K is the ideal solution for novice and professional video producers alike. It is easy to get started and produce your first live multicamera and content presentation in minutes. With the Mini 4K, governments can demonstrate transparency, accountability, and provides real-time and accurate information to citizens quickly and efficiently.

We’ve taken a great product and made it even better.

  • Broadcast level tools including customizable world class sets that will turn any location into a studio, multichannel audio mixing, built-in video players, remote Skype callers and more.
  • Live Story Creator®: Run an entire show with a small team – or even a single person. Your script automatically runs the show and powers your teleprompter directly.
  • NDI®: Connect cameras, display devices, networked computers and more from anywhere on your network-save time, money and open up creative possibilities that previously did not exist.
  • 4x PoE+ (Power-over-Ethernet) ports for direct connection of your favorite NDI devices such as PTZ cameras and SDI/HDMI to NDI Converters.

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TriCaster® Mini 配套方案


  • TriCaster Mini (TCM4KUHD)
  • 2 个输入模块


  • TriCaster Mini (TCM4KUHD)
  • TriCaster Mini CS
  • 2 个输入模块
  • 旅行箱


  • TriCaster Mini (TCM4KUHD)
  • TriCaster TC1SP
  • 2 个输入模块
  • 2 台 PTZ1 摄像机


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