TriCaster 高级版 - 界面

TriCaster 高级版软件为 TriCaster 专业产品线和 TriCaster Mini 系统新增了超过 100 项最新工具和功能。以下仅展示其高级用户界面中的若干重点部分。

  1. 导出
    Publish and share media from your production to more social media networks, plus FTP sites, local or external volumes, and network servers, with optional file transcoding and export right from the user interface.
  2. 重放面板
    Create clips for in-show replay from any active IsoCorder recording channel with one-click dashboard button control (or number pad key entry) and configurable settings.
  3. 实时监视
  4. Advanced IP Workflow
    Access more video sources from more systems in more locations with NDI®, NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology, integrated into every external input channel, plus 4 additional IP-ready switcher inputs.
  5. DataLink
    Incorporate real-time data from internal and external sources into TriCaster productions – including webpages, spreadsheets, scoreboards, databases, and RSS feeds – to display statistics, results, time data, social media posts, and more.
  6. PREVIZ Bus
    Configure and preview settings for the switcher or M/Es with sandbox-style control on a discrete bus, then take live or apply across one or more busses with copy-and-paste simplicity.
  7. M/E 图层
    通过在每路混合/特效总线上支持多达 4 路信号源,为 TriCaster 860 和 TriCaster 460 制作合成更多复杂的图层和虚拟场景。
  8. M/E 再带入
    Build even more creative layered effects for TriCaster 860 and TriCaster 460 productions, with every M/E bus available as a source for other M/Es, allowing for deeper, more complex mix/effects operations.
  9. 下游键和色键叠加
    借助于在每路 TriCaster 410 和 TriCaster Mini M/E 总线上的第二个键控图层,切换器上的四个下游键叠加,以及每路 TriCaster 860 和 TriCaster 460 M/E 总线上的四个键控图层,应用更多字幕、图片、缓存器动画和画中画特效。
  10. 切换器库
    Mix with the sources from every available video channel, with two tabbed button banks providing direct access to external sources, internal sources, buffers, and M/E busses.
  11. 视频图层管理
  12. 播放列表转场
  13. 媒体播放器控制
    通过播放列表模式、更深层次的配置菜单、屏幕 Set In 和 Set Out 按钮更轻松有效地管理储存的媒体和回放设置,并实时对剪辑和图像进行编辑。
  14. Show On
    Trigger clip playback—automatically or on demand—to seamlessly roll in-show replays on Program or any M/E, with configurable in and out transitions, and automatic return to live output.
  15. 动画缓存器
    在 15 个缓存器中,TriCaster 410 和 TriCaster Mini 中的 5 个,以及 TriCaster 860 和 460 中的 10 个已经过优化用于播放动画、动态图像和循环剪辑,增加更多全动态信号源的同时,无需使用 DDR 进行视频回放。
  16. 全动画复合引擎 (exclusive to TriCaster 8000, TriCaster 860 and TriCaster 460)
    通过高级配置、定位、关键帧和特效,以及每路 M/E 的 16 个 DVE 预设,在 TriCaster 8000、TriCaster 860 和 TriCaster 460 切换器和 M/E 中创建并储存复杂的合成和 DVE 风格的动作序列,包括缩略图快照和用于即时识别和重新调用的定制标签。
  17. 增强现实色键图层
    在虚拟场景中选择将色键图层元素锁定至任何位置,追踪 LiveSet 变焦和水平移动以打造惊艳的嵌入式视觉效果。
  18. 音频混合与路由
    Manage and monitor sound with an enhanced audio mixer that includes independent control of every audio channel, more operator-friendly on-screen faders and VU metering, and clipping alerts for increased confidence; plus, 4x4 routers for every audio input to configure more sophisticated routing.