TriCaster 855/455 Curriculum


Video Notes

An outline of the instructional videos, important notes from the videos content, a selected list of keyboard shortcuts, and a list of acronyms used in the curriculum.
1.0 MB - PDF


An Activities Summary and the Detailed Activities to be performed by learners under the guidance of the instructor.
1.0 MB - PDF

Instructor Guide

The Instructor Notes, the Video Outline, the Activities Summary, and the Answers to the Activities Mastery Questions.
1.2 MB - PDF


1 Physical Setup

Connecting the system hardware—power, monitors, keyboard, mouse, video inputs, video outputs, audio inputs, and audio outputs.

2 Register, Restore, and Update

Activating Windows, registering the TriCaster, performing a system restore, and doing system updates.

3 Working with Sessions

The Home screen, creating a session, the Session page, input and output configuration, proc amps, record settings, and session management.

4 Media Management

Importing and exporting media, the Media Browser, and media drives.

5 LiveText

Creating projects, creating titles, and editing titles.

6 Playlists and Media Players

Adding and organizing media, medial player controls, presets, framebuffers, and LiveText title pages.

7 LiveMatte and Virtual Inputs

Setting up LiveMatte, factors to improve keying, cropping, Virtual Input set up, LiveSets, and Virtual Input framebuffers.

8 Audio Set-Up

Source types, balance, mono, mute, pan, trim, solo, talk, audio follow video, color grouping, outputs, Aux out, and audio sweetening.

9 Network Inputs

Network set-up, iVGA set-up, iVGA for Windows and Mac, and setting up a Skype call.

10 Streaming

Setting up streaming profiles, testing the stream, and content delivery networks

11 Live Operation

Switching basics, transitions, layer stacking order, downstream keyers, fade to black, delegation, and the Control Surface.