Certified Operator Directory

Here, you can find contact information and verify the certification status of a specific individual or search for certified operators. The purpose of this directory is to help certified operators and those who need them to find each other. It is not to be used for marketing or other purposes.
If you have obtained Certified Operator status and your contact information is missing (or if you'd like it removed from the Directory), email [email protected]

Authorized Trainers

Name Home State  
Brett Beanan Nevada  
Jose Burgos New York  
Mitch Jacobson New York  



Name Email City 认证 Date 


Dale Shirley [email protected] Spanish Fort TriCaster 855 10/22/13


Allen Haeger [email protected] Tucson TriCaster 855 1/4/13
Angelica Christine Anderson [email protected] Tucson TriCaster 855 3/7/13
Benjamin Kessel [email protected] Surprise TriCaster 40 2/7/18
Brad Whipple [email protected] Phoenix TriCaster 850 EXTREME 2/6/13


Daniel Hunter Moody [email protected] Little Rock TriCaster 855 8/29/12


Alexander Barrett [email protected] Mountain View TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 8/19/15
Alexander Hobbs [email protected] Burbank TriCaster 855 7/15/13
Bradley Benkle [email protected] San Francisco TriCaster 850 EXTREME 3/15/12
Brett Collins [email protected] Burbank TriCaster 410/460/860/8000/Mini 8/24/12
Brian A Fisher [email protected] Playa Del Rey TriCaster 855 7/5/13
Brian Sheil [email protected] Los Angeles TriCaster 850 EXTREME 1/27/12
Christopher Lundie [email protected] Granada Hills TriCaster 855 12/18/12
Dan Swiney [email protected] Silicon Valley TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 8/19/15
Dan Williams [email protected] Berkeley TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 2/27/14
Devin Block [email protected] Los Angeles TriCaster 850 EXTREME 9/7/12
Ed Friesema [email protected] Burbank TriCaster 40 3/4/13
Ed Friesema [email protected] Burbank TriCaster 8000 3/6/13
Edward Friesema [email protected] Valley Village TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 12/4/14
Emily Goodwin [email protected] Los Angeles TriCaster 850 EXTREME 1/19/12
Fatima C Anes [email protected] Los Angeles TriCaster 850 EXTREME 6/22/12
George Brendon Fox [email protected] San Francisco TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 8/19/15
Greg Olson [email protected] Chico TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 8/7/14
Heather Hurford [email protected] Sunnyvale TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 8/19/15
Ian H Stewart [email protected] Lake Elsinore TriCaster 855 8/8/13
Jack Ferry [email protected] Los Angeles TriCaster 855 5/31/13
Jared Ravens [email protected] Los Angeles TriCaster 855 2/21/14
Joseph H Taylor [email protected] Nicolaus TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 10/19/14
Katherine Waskul [email protected] Santa Barbara TriCaster 8000 3/31/13
Michael Grimes [email protected] Burbank TriCaster 855 3/9/13
Nathan Lundie [email protected] Granada Hills TriCaster 855 12/19/12
Ron Vargas [email protected] San Francisco TriCaster 850 EXTREME 9/11/12
Sean Foulkes [email protected] South San Francisco TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 8/19/15
Tomás Fernandez-Calvo [email protected] Santa Monica TriCaster 850 EXTREME 2/2/12
Vincent Rocca [email protected] Granada Hills TriCaster 855 10/10/12


David J. Whiteford [email protected] Aurora TriCaster 855 8/15/12
Jeffrey Harper [email protected] Fraser TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 7/3/14
John Baumchen [email protected] Littleton TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 9/15/16
Mitchell Blystone [email protected] Denver IP Workflow 2/22/17
Teresa L Clanton [email protected] Aurora TriCaster 855 8/15/12
Timothy Waldbauer [email protected] Winter Park TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 7/3/14


Costas Costanta [email protected] Bridgeport TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 12/2/16


Allen Ellis [email protected] Orlando TriCaster 850 EXTREME 7/17/12
Dan Fleming [email protected] Winter Springs TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 3/19/14
Daniel B. Sell [email protected] Miami TriCaster 40 12/9/13
Daniel B. Sell [email protected] Miami TriCaster 855 4/16/14
Daniel B. Sell [email protected] Miami TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 12/11/14
Darian McCaskill [email protected] Daytona Beach TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 4/29/15
Jasser Akle [email protected] Miami TriCaster 855 6/26/13
John Clary [email protected] Deland TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 4/29/15
Jorge Friguls [email protected] Lake Mary TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 5/1/15
Justin Mullally [email protected] Saint Petersburg TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 4/7/15
Kevin Bair [email protected] Boynton Beach TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 9/15/15
Michael Glier [email protected] Fort Lauderdale TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 2/4/14
Pamela Siegall [email protected] Altamonte Springs TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 8/14/14
Perryn M Smith [email protected] Miramar TriCaster 8000 11/5/13
Scott Fitzgerald [email protected] Ft Lauderdale TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 1/17/14


Brant McCaskill [email protected] Dunwoody TriCaster 850 EXTREME 6/14/12
Bruce Ellsworth [email protected] Suwanee TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 3/26/14
David Mullinax [email protected] Dobbins ARB TriCaster 855 11/15/12
Faraz Ahmed [email protected] Atlanta TriCaster 8000 8/28/13
Jessica White [email protected] Atlanta TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 12/22/14
Joan Vernon [email protected] Atlanta TriCaster 850 EXTREME 6/22/12
Kent Kelsey [email protected] Atlanta TriCaster 855 11/9/12
Kent Kelsey [email protected] Atlanta TriCaster 8000 2/12/13
Robert Lipop [email protected] Marietta TriCaster 850 EXTREME 4/18/12
Tonya Alleyne [email protected] Atlanta TriCaster 850 EXTREME 3/30/12


Ikaika Kimura [email protected] Mililani TriCaster 855 3/6/14
Ikaika Kimura [email protected] Mililani TriCaster 40 3/6/14
Ikaika Kimura [email protected] Mililani TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 3/7/14
Jennifer Nakamura [email protected] Honolulu TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 10/16/15
Justin S. Kuwamura [email protected] Honolulu TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 10/29/15
Robbie Y Omura [email protected] Aiea TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 3/21/14
Wayne Christiansen [email protected] Honolulu TriCaster 40 3/24/14
William Nakao [email protected] Mililani TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 3/24/14


Blake McDonald [email protected] Clarendon Hills TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 8/25/16
John Basile [email protected] Chicago TriCaster 8000 7/7/14
Kevin Bruce [email protected] Arlington Heights TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 12/13/13
Kevin Bruce [email protected] Arlington Heights 3Play 4800 12/16/13
Kevin Bruce [email protected] Arlington Heights TriCaster 40 12/27/13
Matthew Zingale [email protected] Arlington Heights TriCaster 850 EXTREME 1/26/12


Barrett Calhoon [email protected] Indianapolis TriCaster 855 11/13/12


Aaron Riggs [email protected] Oskaloosa TriCaster 850 EXTREME 11/3/12


Wink Friesen [email protected] Hutchinson TriCaster 850 EXTREME 1/1/12


Theoria Briley [email protected] New Orleans TriCaster 855 11/22/13


Colin Sandy [email protected] Laurel TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 9/22/14
Isaiah Leon Gibson [email protected] Baltimore TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 6/17/16
Jeremy Morris [email protected] Wheaton IP Workflow 6/19/17


David Hibsher [email protected] Boston TriCaster 410/460/960/8000 8/4/15
David Hibsher [email protected] Boston 3Play 4800 8/4/15
James C. Rowe, Sr [email protected] Shirley TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 10/7/15
James Rowe [email protected] Shirley 3Play 4800 10/26/15
Patrick Rowe [email protected] Shirley TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 10/2/15
Patrick Rowe [email protected] Shirley 3Play 4800 10/27/15
Peter Shaffery [email protected] Boston TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 4/29/15


Allison Smith [email protected] Grand Rapids TriCaster 40 6/21/13
Andrew Deneau [email protected] Boyne city TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 11/28/15
Clark Cambern [email protected] Lansing TriCaster 850 EXTREME 7/27/12
Jeff Verhoef [email protected] Saginaw TriCaster 850 EXTREME 4/4/12


Barry Kryshka [email protected] Minneapolis TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 5/20/15
Barry Kryshka [email protected] Minneapolis IP Workflow 6/29/18


Adam Barbee [email protected] St. Charles TriCaster 855 3/6/13


Brett Beanan [email protected] Las Vegas TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 9/21/14
Brett Beanan [email protected] Las Vegas TriCaster 40 9/21/14
Colton Rybus [email protected] Las Vegas TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 10/10/14
Dave Rosen [email protected] Las Vegas TriCaster 855 8/28/12
Jacob Cannon [email protected] Las Vegas TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 10/10/14

New Jersey

David Levin [email protected] Oradell IP Workflow 2/7/18
Varto Keshishian [email protected] East Ruhterford TriCaster 855 3/1/12
Yervant Keshishian [email protected] East Ruhterford TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 4/24/14

New York

Abu Shahed Karim [email protected] 牙买加 TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 8/16/14
Adam Gordon [email protected] Windsor IP Workflow 4/4/17
Benjamin Howard Ratner [email protected] New York TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 2/5/16
Brittany Marie Moran [email protected] Queens IP Workflow 3/24/17
Chris Burgos [email protected] New York TriCaster 855 3/8/13
Courtney Wach [email protected] Mineola IP Workflow 2/1/18
Erin Bigelow [email protected] New York TriCaster 850 EXTREME 7/6/12
JC Sciacca [email protected] New York TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 9/28/16
JC Sciacca [email protected] New York IP Workflow 2/6/18
Jake Skiba [email protected] New York TriCaster 855 11/15/13
Jason Gillet [email protected] New York TriCaster 8000 10/2/13
Jose Burgos [email protected] New York TriCaster 855 2/22/13
Jose Burgos [email protected] New York TriCaster 40 2/22/13
Jose Burgos [email protected] New York TriCaster 8000 2/24/13
Jose Burgos [email protected] New York TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 1/20/14
Jose Burgos [email protected] New York IP Workflow 6/29/17
Julia Hoff [email protected] Brooklyn TriCaster 855 5/31/13
Kenny Ringgold [email protected] Jericho IP Workflow 10/17/18
Kristen Griffin [email protected] staten Island TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 10/7/14
Mitch Jacobson [email protected] New York TriCaster 8000 6/10/14
Mitch Jacobson [email protected] New York TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 7/1/14
Samantha Torres [email protected] New York IP Workflow 8/20/19

North Carolina

Brandon Bouché [email protected] Garner IP Workflow 1/23/19
Chad Shuping [email protected] Denver TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 1/20/16
Connie Janzen [email protected] Pineville TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 1/20/16
James M White [email protected] Charlotte TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 5/29/15
Nicholas Makansi [email protected] Charlotte IP Workflow 4/6/18


Bradley James Moore [email protected] Troy TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 12/16/16
Jeffrey Sira [email protected] Miamisburg TriCaster 855 10/16/12
Michael Lee [email protected] Sharonville TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 6/24/15


Cameron Hauser [email protected] Broken Arrow TriCaster 8000 12/17/13
Cameron Hauser [email protected] Broken Arrow 3Play 4800 12/17/13
Chad Douglas [email protected] Broken Arrow TriCaster 40 1/9/14


Angela Morris [email protected] Portland TriCaster Professional Line 1/5/17
Conner Plant [email protected] Salem 3Play 4800 11/8/13
PeterJ Schmidt [email protected] Portland TriCaster Professional Line 1/5/17


Bennett Warner [email protected] Kimberton TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 11/7/16
Bennett Warner [email protected] Kimberton 3Play 4800 11/7/16
Bennett Warner [email protected] Kimberton TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 2/12/14
Brian Patterson [email protected] Malvern TriCaster 850 EXTREME 2/27/12
Dennis Mullin [email protected] Phoenixville TriCaster 855 10/11/12
James E Davis [email protected] DuBois TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 4/22/15
Morgan Gioffre [email protected] Kimberton TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 12/20/16
Sean Henzie [email protected] Malvern TriCaster 855 10/12/12
William N Murphy [email protected] Dunmore TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 2/12/16

South Carolina

Jeremy Pope [email protected] Hilton Head Island TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 12/20/13


Chris Wright [email protected] Franklin TriCaster 855 1/17/13
Stephen Phillips [email protected] Murfreesboro TriCaster 855 1/17/13


Britt Morin [email protected] Lubbock TriCaster 40 2/20/15
Britt Morin [email protected] Lubbock TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 2/9/16
Britt Morin [email protected] Lubbock IP Workflow 2/16/18
Britt Morin [email protected] Lubbock 3Play 4800 5/12/17
Enrique Garcia [email protected] Austin TriCaster 855 11/13/12
Michael Christopher Dow [email protected] Austin TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 5/14/15
Robert Bax [email protected] Lubbock IP Workflow 2/14/18
Thomas G. Sullinger, Jr. [email protected] Lubbock TriCaster 855 12/19/13
Thomas G. Sullinger, Jr. [email protected] Lubbock TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 1/23/14
Thomas G. Sullinger, Jr. [email protected] Lubbock TriCaster 8000 1/24/14
Thomas G. Sullinger, Jr. t[email protected] Lubbock 3Play 4800 2/18/14
Thomas G. Sullinger, Jr. [email protected] Lubbock TriCaster 40 4/7/15


AnDrew Tyler [email protected] South Ogden TriCaster 855 3/7/13
Curtis M Wood [email protected] Logan IP Workflow 2/21/17
Curtis M Wood [email protected] Logan TriCaster 855 8/9/13
Curtis M Wood [email protected] Logan TriCaster 40 8/9/13
Curtis M Wood [email protected] Logan TriCaster 8000 8/13/13
Curtis M Wood [email protected] Logan 3Play 4800 12/14/13
Curtis M Wood [email protected] Logan TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 1/3/14
Dalton Parker [email protected] West Jordan TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 3/29/15
Lisa Wood [email protected] Logan TriCaster 40 1/2/14
Lisa Wood [email protected] Logan TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 7/20/15


Christopher DeRoche [email protected] Herndon TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 5/1/14
Gary Gillam [email protected] Richmond TriCaster 855 8/15/12
Mark Samaan [email protected] Fairfax TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 11/28/16
Michael Stoeckle [email protected] Falls Church TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 7/28/16


Kieran Phillips [email protected] Seattle TriCaster 850 EXTREME 11/16/12
Michael Paz [email protected] Bellevue TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 3/21/14


Jeff Pulera [email protected] Milwaukee TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 5/27/15
Philip Hinkle [email protected] Madison TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 5/29/15


Name Email City 认证 Date 
Abraham Zuniga [email protected] Spring wood IP Workflow 5/25/18
Dan Fletcher [email protected] Thornbury TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 8/18/14
Ely Stacy [email protected] Baulkham Hills TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 7/18/16
Grant Whitehead [email protected] Adelaide TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 10/17/14
Max Matthews [email protected] Melbourne TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 12/4/14
Michael Byrne [email protected] Melbourne TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 11/6/14
Pawel Bybel [email protected] Melbourne TriCaster 855 7/31/13
Pawel Bybel [email protected] Melbourne 3Play 4800 8/1/13
Pawel Bybel [email protected] Melbourne IP Workflow 2/6/17


Name Email City 认证 Date 


Bruce Richardson [email protected] Toronto TriCaster 855 8/24/12
Daisaku Gamero [email protected] Toronto TriCaster 40 11/2/16
Kevin Tighe [email protected] Toronto TriCaster 855 7/18/12


Robert Clarke Snooks [email protected] Moose TriCaster 850 EXTREME 11/29/11


Name Email City 认证 Date 

Ahmad Wadiei [email protected] Prague TriCaster 855 2/21/13


Name Email City 认证 Date 
Frederik Hesseldahl Havemann [email protected] Aalborg TriCaster 8000 6/7/13


Name Email City 认证 Date 
Ahmed Harby [email protected] Cairo TriCaster 8000 9/16/13
Hassan Emad [email protected] Cairo TriCaster 8000 9/15/13


Name Email City 认证 Date 
Ademola Alashe [email protected] London TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 12/19/14
Anthony Corcoran [email protected] Nottingham TriCaster 8000 9/22/13
Chris Jackson [email protected] Birkenshaw TriCaster 40 7/16/13
Chris Jackson [email protected] Birkenshaw TriCaster 855 7/23/13
Chris Leese [email protected] Staffordshire TriCaster 855 1/15/14
Chris Leese [email protected] Staffordshire TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 8/7/15
David Ayeni [email protected] Erith TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 1/29/14
Jeremy Engler [email protected] Horsham TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 4/4/16
Joe Hosty [email protected] London 3Play 4800 9/28/15
Kristian Hampton [email protected] London TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 4/4/16
Luke Mason [email protected] Southend TriCaster 855 4/29/14
Mark Johnson [email protected] Southampton TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 2/17/14
Mathew Recardo [email protected] Studley TriCaster 8000 7/18/13
Matthew Hastings [email protected] Birkenshaw TriCaster 855 7/12/13
Matthew Hastings [email protected] Bradford TriCaster 40 7/16/13
Matthew Hastings [email protected] Bradford TriCaster 8000 7/23/13
Matthew Hastings [email protected] Bradford TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 3/20/14
Matthew Lewis [email protected] Staffordshire TriCaster 855 1/15/14
Matthew Lewis [email protected] Staffordshire TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 8/7/15
Michael James Dawes [email protected] London TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 4/4/16
Phil Barber [email protected] Bradford TriCaster 40 7/12/13
Phil Barber [email protected] Bradford TriCaster 855 7/16/13
Phil Thomas [email protected] Bristol TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 12/23/14
Richard Mortimer [email protected] Staffordshire TriCaster 855 1/15/14
Richard Mortimer [email protected] Staffordshire TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 8/7/15
Simon Malone [email protected] Ely TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 5/13/15


Simon Malone [email protected] York IP Workflow 4/21/17


Steve Greenham [email protected] Harpenden IP Workflow 2/23/17

Steve Greenham [email protected] Harpenden TriCaster 8000 11/26/13
Steve Greenham [email protected] Harpenden TriCaster 40 12/2/13
Steve Greenham [email protected] Harpenden TriCaster 855 12/3/13
Steve Greenham [email protected] Harpenden TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 12/20/13
Steve Greenham [email protected] Harpenden 3Play 4800 1/18/14
Tom Ellis [email protected] London 3Play 4800 3/16/15


Name Email City 认证 Date 
Ben Naura [email protected] 33160 TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 7/10/14
Benjamin Naura [email protected] Saint Médard en Jalles TriCaster 855 9/18/12
Benjamin Naura [email protected] Saint Médard en Jalles TriCaster 8000 2/26/13
Lola Thomas [email protected] Paris TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 6/6/14
Lola Thomas [email protected] Paris 3Play 4800 07/20/2018
Manuel Garcia [email protected] Limoges TriCaster 850 EXTREME 7/24/12
Pierre-Bruno Duez [email protected] Nanterre TriCaster 850 EXTREME 7/24/12
Simon de Madaillan [email protected] Saint Medard En Jalles TriCaster 8000 2/28/13
Simon de Madaillan [email protected] Saint Medard en Jalles TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 7/10/14
Simon de Madaillan [email protected] Saint Medard en Jalles 3Play 4800 7/16/14
Simon de Madaillan [email protected] Saint Medard en Jalles IP Workflow 7/6/18


Name Email City 认证 Date 
Chris Knoblauch [email protected] Landstuhl TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 4/9/15
Levent Celik [email protected] Berlin TriCaster 8000 8/1/13
Ole Zoeger [email protected] Hamburg TriCaster 8000 6/7/13
Sascha Roeder [email protected] Freising TriCaster 850 EXTREME 6/8/12


Name Email City 认证 Date 
Moshe Zafrany [email protected] Tel-Aviv TriCaster 850 EXTREME 6/7/12


Name Email City 认证 Date 


Hatim Harun [email protected] Petaling Jaya TriCaster Professional Line 2/29/16
Hatim Harun [email protected] Petaling Jaya 3Play 4800 2/29/16

Lim Jung Mun [email protected] Petaling Jaya TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 2/2/16
Lim Jung Mun [email protected] Petaling Jaya 3Play 4800 2/4/16


Name Email City 认证 Date 
Abiola Aderoju Ogundeji [email protected] Ikeja TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 9/25/14
Gbenga Akintokun [email protected] Lagos TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 8/12/15


Name Email City 认证 Date 
Alexander Wold [email protected] Bergen TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 10/30/15
Eirik Broks Drange [email protected] Oslo TriCaster 855 9/15/13
Jan-Ole Økland [email protected] Bergen TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 10/30/15
Kaspar Strømme [email protected] Nesttun TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 10/30/15


Name Email City 认证 Date 
Alberto Alonso Valdivia Huaman [email protected] Lima TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 10/21/16


Roberto Alejandro Núñez Lévano [email protected] Lima IP Workflow 5/18/17


Name Email City 认证 Date 

Radoslaw Przybyl [email protected] Warsaw TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 6/5/14
Tomasz Stocki [email protected] Kielce TriCaster 855 9/15/13


Name Email City 认证 Date 
Marco Aurélio Azevedo [email protected] Odivelas TriCaster 850 EXTREME 6/8/12
Marco Aurélio Azevedo [email protected] Lisbon TriCaster 8000 6/7/13
Ricardo Felix [email protected] Porto Salvo TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 6/6/14


Name Email City 认证 Date 
Adrian Tan [email protected] 新加坡 TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 4/18/14


Name Email City 认证 Date 
Armand Claassens [email protected] Bryanston TriCaster 8000 6/7/13
Karl Otto Ermel [email protected] Johannesburg TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 9/14/14

South Korea

Name Email City 认证 Date 
Troy Darling [email protected] Seoul TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 2/5/16


Name Email City 认证 Date 
Carlos Tapia [email protected] Valencia TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 10/2/15
Jose Abad [email protected] Castellon de la Plana TriCaster 850 EXTREME 6/7/12
Jose Abad [email protected] Lliria TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 6/5/14
Sergi Marí [email protected] Barcelona TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 7/11/14
Sergi Marí [email protected] Barcelona 3Play 4800 7/11/14


Name Email City 认证 Date 
Martin Brundin [email protected] Stockholm TriCaster 8000 6/7/13


Name Email City 认证 Date 
Jerome Ternoy [email protected] Meyrin 3Play 4800 9/1/16
Jerome Ternoy [email protected] Meyrin TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 6/6/14
Jerome Ternoy [email protected] Meyrin IP Workflow 1/8/18

The Netherlands

Name Email City 认证 Date 
Arnout van der Hoek [email protected] Vleuten TriCaster 855 9/15/13

The Philippines

Name Email City 认证 Date 
Miguel Lastrilla [email protected] Makati TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 4/18/14


Name Email City 认证 Date 
Aydemir METE [email protected] Istanbul TriCaster 850 EXTREME 6/8/12


Name Email City 认证 Date 
Albert D Lumague [email protected] Dubai TriCaster 850 EXTREME 6/19/12
Albert D Lumague [email protected] Dubai IP Workflow 8/14/17
John Roger Antonio [email protected] Dubai Media City TriCaster 850 EXTREME 6/19/12
Lawrence Mallari [email protected] Al Barsha TriCaster 850 EXTREME 6/19/12
Lawrence Mallari [email protected] Dubai Media City TriCaster 410/460/860/8000 4/17/14

NewTek does not endorse or claim that any of the individuals found in the Directory are qualified for a particular task, nor does NewTek guarantee that using an individual from the Directory will cause a particular production to be successful. NewTek assumes no liability for the use of an individual found in the Directory for any purpose. Certified Operators are not employees of, nor under the control or contract of NewTek. An operator who has passed a Certification Exam is deemed to have a minimum proficiency with that product.