Video solutions to help you deliver an inspiring message, for less.

从与会众建立个人联系,到将影响力延伸到周边及其他社区,视频正日益成为达成崇高信仰使命的重要工具。NewTek 多摄像机实时视频制作解决方案将您的讯息放在聚光灯下,让您吸引到更多的信众,技术再也不会成为恼人的障碍。

  • 拓宽您的领域。 将礼拜仪式实时流传输给远程的信众,或接看世界各地嘉宾的视频电话。
  • 吸引新世代。 一键式社交媒体功能吸引信众群中的技术达人,让志愿的制作人员更好地主导传播的内容。
  • 提升礼拜参与度。 实用互动内容混合摄像机和视频,例如唱诗歌和鼓舞人心的经典章节。
  • 扩大集资场地。 拍摄整季整季的礼拜仪式可以让您拥有丰富的存档,从而开启制作主题节目或花絮的全新机会,以用于编制合集及吸引捐赠的活动。

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Making any service as valuable and engaging for worshipers in the room as outside of it can be a challenge. NewTek products and solutions make bringing together hybrid environments easy and engaging no matter where you are, using the power of NDI®.

Simple and scalable for the changing landscape

Using NewTek products and solutions, the sky is the limit – built to adapt and grow with any organization without the need to reinvent and invest in costly AV infrastructures year after year.


See how spiritual messages are reaching further with technology.

Here are just a few ways NewTek has helped worshipers globally to stay connected

New Life Church Milton Goes Full 4K with NewTek's TriCaster® TC1 and TriCaster® Mini 4K

With the consultation of Steve Curran from Videolink / Aries Pro Solutions, they designed a full 4K system at the request of Pastor Dan to have the best image possible.


Video Technology: Empowering Houses of Worship to have a Greater Impact in a Changing World

More than ever, people have choices whether to attend events or gatherings in person or stay at home ...

New: Using Network Broadcast-quality Technology in the Age of Hybrid Worship

Read more on how Houses of Worship are using broadcast technology to keep virtual worshipers engaged


Online Congregations in the Time of COVID-19

Leaders of congregations intuitively understand that messages of help, healing, and hope are as needed now as they ever have been. Ironically, the tried and true delivery method since ancient times – the spoken word, in person, inside a house of worship – is now suddenly outside the new World Health Organization mandate of ‘social distancing’ in the time of COVID-19.


泰国寺庙 Wat Na Pa Pong 使用 TriCaster® and NDI® 广播佛教经典教义

Wat Na Pa Pong is a Theravada Buddhist monastery in Thailand. People come to the temple from many cities, locally and globally, with followers from more than 30 countries.


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NewTek 提供了各种各样的产品,以适应从简单到繁琐的任何设置。


  • NewTek Spark™

    NewTek Spark Plus™ 是过渡到 video over IP 的最快捷、最简单也是最佳的方式。超便携式机箱、高达 UHD 60P 的分辨率、NDI® 的其他突破性优点,以及大量工具和功能,使 NewTek Spark Plus 视频转换器成为满足各种视频制作需求的最佳选择。

  • NDI®|HX PTZ3

    NewTek NDI®|HX PTZ3 摄像机是获取实时视频的最出色、最简单的方式,面向任何工作流程的输入信号,提高了各地 PTZ 摄像机的标准。

  • TriCaster® 2 Elite

    TriCaster 2 Elite 是现今最完整的视频制作平台,它为一个单一系统能够做到什么设定了全新的高标准。