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Taking corporate video production in-house and online has never been easier. With NewTek solutions, anyone can do it. Even adding just two basic elements — multiple camera angles and real-time video mixing — opens up countless opportunities across almost every part of your business. For example:

  • 无论他们身在何处,您都将能够为客户和潜在客户打造更具吸引力的产品演示
  • 您的培训课程将更难忘,并可以更快速更新和更轻松访问
  • 您的营销沟通将获得更多参与
  • 您将让活动和产品发布比现实更恢宏
  • 而且最棒的是,在内部制作之前外包的视频将缩减您的成本



NewTek’s multi-camera live production solutions offer overwhelming advantages compared to either basic single-camcorder DIY options or high-end outsourced post-production. You can:

  • Get professional-quality results right from your own office
  • Deliver greater energy and engagement, mixing seamlessly between presenters, locations, and sources
  • Reduce production and shooting time—no digitizing hours of footage, only to have to go back for cutaways, re-shoots, or re-lighting
  • Get the fastest, most cost-effective post-production possible—by doing it in real time


With NewTek’s broadcast-style, multi-camera production systems as part of your enterprise, you'll open up more opportunities for corporate video communications across your entire business. You'll be able to:

  • 让实时观看内容或按需下载成为可能
  • 通过互联网连接将流媒体内容实时传送给任何人
  • Publish clips and entire videos directly to popular social media platforms
  • 同时为现场观众在视频展示在更大型的屏幕上
  • 将实时或录制的视频节目发送至数字看板
  • Take videos public or keep them private on your intranet

NewTek 完整视频制作解决方案

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NewTek 完整视频制作解决方案

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