NewTek Premium Access


NewTek Premium Access helps you to optimize the total cost of ownership of your production systems while keeping you up-to-date with the latest features.

  • Compelling and exciting tools
  • Cost-effective subscriptions
  • Immediate and easy access

Subscription Price - $199USD*Per Month


Your subscription to Premium Access assures that you get the most power and flexibility out of your software-driven, live production system. You always have immediate access to the latest innovations, advanced tools, and technology updates for your NewTek production solution.

Live Story

Live Story Creator

A revolutionary approach to program automation using Microsoft Word®. It is as simple as building a script in Microsoft Word® with triggers for actions, once loaded into your NewTek live production system the show is easily executed.

Unlimited NDI Recording

Unlimited NDI® Recording*

Record from an almost unlimited number of NDI sources to disk without additional data compression.* Media is converted directly into files, stored and stamped with computer time so that everything is synchronized – making multi-cam production easier than ever before. Continuous recordings are readily available for editing and instant replay without stopping the video capture.

Digital Media Aspect Ratios and Frame Rates

Digital Media Aspect Ratios & Frame Rates

Use non-standard video aspect ratios, like 9:16 and square video, for no-compromise production, along with non-standard video frame rates and resolutions for delivery to digital screens.

NewTek Premium Access - LiveGraphics


使用深受好评的 Adobe® Creative Cloud® 工具设计动态字幕、动画和循环特效,然后将它们直接导入至 NewTek 实时制作系统。LiveGraphics 让您能够以更快的速度更轻松地制作并呈现令人赞叹的实时动画,借助于创新的 LiveGraphics Creator 插件为各个经验水平的用户简化并加快在 Adobe® After Effects® CC 中的创作过程,优化的实时系统功能实现前所未有的定制、回放和动画选项。




创建专属于您的基于软件的控制面板,在网络内的任何地方通过任何兼容的桌面或移动设备操作您的 NewTek 实时制作系统。在任何网络浏览器或操作系统上轻松访问,而且 LivePanel 还包含能够立即使用的控制面板,以便于进行远程视频混合、媒体回放、混音和宏命令自动化。另外,LivePanel Builder 工具能设计您自己的定制面板,以满足不同制作和工作流的独特需求。




在网络内的任何位置访问您的 NewTek 实时制作系统的用户界面并进行控制。通过 NDI® KVM,您的工作区同时也作为交互式 NDI® 视频输出信号源。只需启动 NDI® Studio Monitor,在可用的输入和输出中选择信号源,然后在任何兼容的计算机或设备上远程查看或开始您的制作。

NewTek Premium Access Features In-Depth


NewTek Premium Access

$199USD per month


*Total number of sources depends on network and disk performance.

**Requires Windows 10 operating system. Currently only available with VMC, TriCaster TC1, and TriCaster 410 Plus systems.

NewTek Premium Access 让您可以更有创意地控制您的节目,而无需添加其他硬件。这就是 NewTek 的以软件驱动方法的优势。有些系统可能不满足此最新版本的硬件要求,个别功能及功能组合也会因型号而有所不同。

NPA System Compatibility

NewTek Premium Access is compatible with the following Live Productions Systems:

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