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Product Description

Your vision for a professional-looking studio just became real. With a simple setup, a few square feet of space, and NewTek Virtual Set Editor, now you can easily transform any location into a professional, virtual environment that dramatically raises your production value, and upgrade your presentation with dazzling visual effects that make a big impression on your audience.

Don't settle for knockoff virtual set programs that simply provide basic layering applications, or spend more than you have to on expensive but limited hardware that lacks creative tool integration. With Virtual Set Editor, customizable sets for your TriCaster support up to four live video sources at the same time―scaled, rotated, even mapped to 3D shapes―and realistic camera movements in 3D space.

Virtual Set Editor includes Animation Store Creator* with its powerful TransWarp effects engine. Whisk viewers away to the distinct locations of your virtual studio using customized full-color, animated transitions with alpha channel and embedded audio. Add real-time cloth dynamics, warped animated 3D effects and transformations, or motion overlays. Don’t just elevate your brand – reinvent it.

  • 艺术家和 TriCaster 操作人员直接协作工作流,需同时在 TriCaster XD 系统和外部 Microsoft® Window® 工作站上进行安装
  • Customizable starter sets with multiple angles, real-time reflections specular highlights
  • 开箱即可快速、简单制作的用户友好型控制
  • 逼真的虚拟摄像机操作,可在直播时调整镜头和动态移动
  • 不费劲导入图层 PSD 文件,包括去背区域等,以支持使用几乎任何图像制作工具进行场景复合
  • 导出成可执行的 LiveSet 安装文件,以用于任何 TriCaster XD 系统
  • Instant availability of new virtual sets and effects, with support for output and update over the network to any TriCaster XD model**

* Animation Store Creator will not be accessible on TriCaster models that do not support Animation Store transitions.
** Select set features and effects may not be fully supported by all TriCaster models.

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