3Play 4800 and 440 Control Surface Media Resources

Product Description

Comprehensive control of live event productions, instant replay, and official review.

Providing hardware control or 3Play 4800, 3Play 440, and 3Play Mini, the 3Play 4800 CS is ready for action with innovative, user-focused control of recording, replay, live video switching, highlights publishing, and asset management.

  • Intuitive layout and transport controls mapped to 3Play 4800, 3Play 440, and 3Play Mini user interface
  • 实用照明和背光,加强控制台活动的可见性
  • 动态变化的 T 形杆灯光,提供回放速度和控制模式的可视化反馈
  • 对应 3Play 标签系统的数字键盘,实现元数据输入
  • Premium T-Bar, speed presets, and jog wheel for precision control
  • 时尚座舱式外观和现代感设计,适用于操作和主管人员
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