Expand your sources — connectivity options — with only a standard computer serving up video over IP with the NDI protocol, NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology.

Install the free NewTek Connect application on a compatible computer on the network, and access any individual camera, deck, or device connected via capture card, or increase your camera count with a local webcam. Any compatible source connected to the computer with NewTek Connect installed can be configured and made available to your TriCaster® and other NDI systems over the network.

This NDI production application allows you to configure a host computer as a dual-channel video system, with stereo audio and support for capture cards from AJA, Blackmagic Design, DELTACAST and other manufacturers. Any signal feeding into or out through the capture card I/O can be made available over the network to TriCaster and other NDI systems as a video source for live productions. And, the NDI-enabled video channel can also be configured to switch a local webcam into your program, expanding your sources and connectivity.

Simply fill out the form for access to the NewTek Connect production application. You’ll receive a notice with a link to download the application, and will also receive valuable information via email as the NDI network continues to grow.

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CONNECT PRO AVAILABLE NOW ($995 or $49/month)

通过 NewTek Connect Pro 利用更多专业视频功能。

Connect Pro
A/V channels 4
A/V ouptuts
Supports common IP standards (NDI, ASPEN, SMPTE 2022, etc.) with built-in standards conversion
NDI only
Supports 3rd-party hardware I/O cards
Supports IP cameras

Supports video over IP sources (RTMP, RTSP, HTTP, etc.)

Input Separate Key + Fill

Output Separate Key + Fill

Adjustable, per-channel A/V sync

Hardware inputs/outputs supported (max) 4 (plus key inputs) 2
Supports webcam input
Audio I/O 8-channel Stereo
Per-channel audio level control
Supplemental NDI program return monitor
Dual-monitor workspace support
Monitor Overlays (VUs, Title Safe, 4:3, Checkerboard, Center Cross)
VUs only
NDI Connect 网络服务器


  • 64 位 Microsoft® Windows 7 操作系统 (OS) 或更高版本
  • Intel i5 Sandy Bridge CPU 或更佳(采用集成显卡),支持 AVX 指令(建议采用 2G 或更大内存的 NVIDIA 独立显卡)
  • Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 版本 或更新版本
  • 8GB 系统内存
  • 千兆连接或更佳
  • 屏幕分辨率为1024 x 768 或更高的显示器

为支持更多视频流或更高分辨率,建议采用速度更高的 CPU。