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Made For These Times: NewTek & Software-Defined Visual Storytelling

There can only be one original. Only one company has worked longer and contributed more to make multi-camera live production more affordable, more powerful and more fun for more storytellers: NewTek

As the leader in IP-video from its inception in the 1980’s, NewTek is based on one simple belief: the future of video will be defined by networks, computers, and above all -- software. Now that the medical pandemic has gripped much of the world, NewTek stands alone at the cutting-edge of software-defined visual storytelling, with the world’s best work-from-home video tools for professionals.

Powerful & Affordable Production From Anywhere

NewTek TriCaster systems put an entire suite of media production capabilities at your fingertips, wherever they may be – like at home, for example. Make your show look amazing – from anywhere – with quality, consistency, and efficiency using the most complete multicamera production system on the planet.

People Are Talking

Need to invite guests on your show while keeping your distance? Need broadcast quality and reliability you’ll never get from a webcam? Check out TalkShow, NewTek’s facility-class solution for adding live, full HD, distraction-free Microsoft SkypeTX video interviews to your productions with unparalleled production control. SkypeTX is a native feature built into TriCaster systems.

Did You Know Skype is NDI-Native?

That’s right! The original Skype software used by millions to make free video calls over IP has NDI capability built in. Now you can replace lower resolution web cams and low frame rates for a much better presentation for the caller.

To enable NDI in Skype, find the ellipsis in the upper left corner near your name (looks like three dots: …), go to: “Settings/Calling/Advanced/About NDI Usage.” Turn on NDI!

Control Your Cameras From Far, Far Away

Remotely control your pan-tilt-zoom capabilites and capture content up to 4K resolution with NewTek PTZUHD cameras. Send it live to your studio via NDI using IP and your pre-existing Ethernet connection. Get video, audio, tally, PTZ control, and power with one single Ethernet cable.

Make the Old New Again, With Spark Plus

Need a way to get your already-paid-for HDMI and SDI camera and device signals onto your network? Spark Plus converters encode and decode HDMI and SDI signals to and from NDI giving your old devices new life in the new normal.

3Play 3P1 Instant Replay System

Create slow-motion and instant replays effortlessly and highlight packages that get to air fast.

TriCaster Mini 4K

Tell your story in a whole new way. It’s small and light so you can take it anywhere – like your living room. Everything in your world is a video source – even your iPhone. Build your show using tools you already know – like MS Word.

Live Story Creator

A revolutionary approach to program automation as simple as building a script in Microsoft Word with triggers for actions. Once loaded into your TriCaster Mini 4K, your show is easily executed.


Create your own software-based control panels and operate your NewTek live production system from any compatible desktop or mobile device—anywhere on the network. Easily accessible through any web browser or operating system, LivePanel allows you to design your own custom panels geared towards your unique productions.

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