Kids Gift


'Tis the Season...

...for all good children to score some cool gifts.

One of the perks of working here at NewTek is that your offspring (18 and under) get awesome holidays gifts. Yay!

Santa’s workshop is now open for suggestions. Please give your top two gift ideas to Cindy Hay in NewTek II. If your child is 13+, please submit a gift card choice. Unlike Santa, we don’t get cute little elves to help us out.

Good stuff to know:

  • Please get your 2 gift ideas to Cindy Hay at the reception desk in NewTek II by November 30. You can email your choices to: or drop them off.
  • Kids aged 13 – 18, submit a $15 gift card choice.
  • Kids aged 12 and under, give the name/description (or link) to your child’s toy of choice.
  • Keep in mind that there is a $15 max cost on each gift.


Santa's Helpers

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