RSVP to the Holiday Party

Want to join the holiday fun?

We don't care if you've been naughty or nice.

We just need your name(s) and info on a list. Please RSVP by Thursday, December 1st. Thank you.

Kids Party Info

Where: Incredible Pizza (Click for map.)
11743 West Ave
San Antonio, TX 78216
When: Saturday, December 10th from 12:00pm-3:00pm

When you get to Incredible Pizza, tell them you're there for the NewTek party.

12:00pm to 1:00pm - Meet Santa, his two elves, and a snowman. Get pictures taken.

1:00pm to 3:00pm - Buffet, drinks, $25 game card and two attractions per person

Adult Party Info

Where: Howl at the Moon (Click for map.)
111 West Crockett St. #201
San Antonio, TX 78205
When: Saturday, December 10th from 6:00pm-9:00pm

NewTek will be paying for child care and shuttle service, but you have to RSVP to take advantage of this perk.

Child care space at Play Works is limited, so you will need to RSVP here to guarantee a spot.

Play Works (click for map)
9480 Braun Road
San Antonio, TX 78254
(210) 523-PLAY (7529)

Adult Party Shuttle schedule:

Shuttle to Howl at the Moon leaves NewTek at 5:30pm.
First shuttle back to NewTek leaves downtown at 9:00pm.
There will be shuttles every 30 minutes after that.
Last shuttle leaves downtown at midnight.

After 9:00 pm we'll keep the party going. Wrist bands will be valid until 12:00am.

Dress is NewTek style. Dress up, or wear your jeans and be ready to have fun.

T'was the Night of the Holiday Party

The news went out to staff and kin
It was time for our Holiday party again
In beautiful downtown, at Howl at the Moon
December 10th at six – not a minute too soon.

NewTek decided to hire a shuttle
So, you have no excuse, and no rebuttal
And if your guest should somehow drink too much
No worries, we'll have taxis and such.

The children had their own party
West Ave’s Incredible Pizza, from noon to three
Pizza and games - topped with a visit from Claus
Who left some presents in their little paws.

Just before the party, at the first NewTek
Not a creature was stirring, the place was a wreck.
Products and parts were strewn, left and right.
The entire staff was gone from sight.

JR in his ball cap and Chuck in his sweats
Had sent everyone home. I'm sure with regrets.
I finished my work, then stepped out the door.
The cars were all gone. I'm not sure what for.

Then what did my overworked mind recall?
Wait a sec! Tonight is the party! I felt two inches tall.
Everyone's already there - imbibing some cheer.
And here I am, working. No car. No beer.

Suddenly, there appeared a shiny bald head.
Below it a jersey with some team's name in red.
JR was still here! And he was dressed and ready to go.
"Do you need a ride?" he wanted to know.

"I do!" I exclaimed. Thinking - "How kind!"
And I hopped in his car, 'fore he changed his mind.
We arrived and the party appeared in mid-swing.
Will we get presents? I hoped for some bling.

It was so much fun, I couldn't stop smiling.
Folks laughed. Tables sparkled. It was so beguiling.
It seems we joined in the party at just the right time.
Let's hope a few drinks will get rid of this
rhyming problem.


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