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Flowics is the most comprehensive cloud-native, web-based platform for generating live graphics anywhere. Power up your live production with second screen engagement, interactive content and social media integrations. Get your free trial now!

No downloads. No hardware. No coding. All cloud.

Cloud native so you can create and control live graphics from a single interface via any browser. Plug and play live data integration via TriCaster Live Link. Create, connect and change the way your viewers interact with a wide range of audience engagement and monetization features.

It’s here. It’s now. It’s Flowics.


Select from the template library or create your own. Drag and drop building blocks, widgets and data providers to create, manage and playout live graphics for any production. Match days, remote productions, live events, social media, digital shows and the big screens – we have your graphics covered. Go live from anywhere.

  • Web Based Editor
  • Remote Graphics Operation
  • External Data Binding Support
  • HTML Content Embed
  • Graphics Remote Control API
  • RTL Language Support

Data Connectors

Native data connectors simplify the integration of external APIs from dozens of 3rd party data sources. Choose from sports, esports, finance, weather data providers. Connect to template and play out to streamline broadcast graphics creation and operation.

  • Scorebugs
  • Betting
  • Finance
  • Polls/Trivia
  • Sports Stats
  • eSports
  • Live Game Data
  • 天气


Integrate live external data, social media and audience participation with your CGs tools in a secure, hassle-free workflow.

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Twitch
  • Native Connectors
  • Secure

Second Screen Engagement

New and creative interactive experiences. Keep your viewers engaged every minute via second screen. Audience participation that ALSO plays nice with your current production workflows. All from one interface.

  • Custom design
  • Web Editor
  • Creative Engagement
  • 社交媒体整合
  • Analytics
  • Remote Ops

Streaming Extensions

Take your live stream to the next level. Increase watch times with interactive overlays. Get your viewers engaged and interacting with you via polls, quizzes and comments. Customize and reinforce your brand.

  • Twitch Overlay
  • FB Live Polls

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  • Cloud control
  • Social Media Participation
  • Tons of Templates
  • Live data integration
  • Second screen interaction
  • Effortless customization
  • Analytics and reports
  • Broadcast and OTT graphics
  • 24/7 Support

“The ease of implementation with Flowics has allowed us at ViacomCBS to make our workflows notably more agile, optimizing time, technical, and creative resources, all thanks to their platform and 24/7 timely assistance from the support team.”

Paul Del Pin, Snr Marketing & Digital Director
– ViacomCBS

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