To support the skills of content creators around the world and offer further technical and sales expertise, NewTek has formed a Consultant Program

The NewTek Consultant Program offers Consultants access to Channeltivity, our Partner Portal, and free education from NewTek University to help you understand our products better, including how to integrate them with NDI connectivity technology.

NDI® is becoming the de facto protocol in ProAV and broadcast, facilitating the creation and connection of video worldwide. NDI® has truly changed the picture, as it gives everyone access to easy-to-use, high-quality video using the equipment they have today. Many products in the NewTek portfolio have native support for NDI®, including the iconic TriCaster® line.

Below are details on these two benefits, along with how to participate in the NewTek Consultant Program.


NewTek University offers extensive online education to provide certified levels of expertise in sales presentation, product knowledge, technical proficiency, and integration. Courses and exams are free, found on the Channeltivity home page.

Here's how to get started…

Fill out the form here. We will use this information to create your company profile in Channeltivity, and we will activate you as a Consultant, so you can request an account and begin taking FREE NewTekU Courses and Exams!

Kylie Merritt"The Vizrt Group portfolio offers solutions to every kind of storyteller, from the most experienced producer in a global broadcasting house to the independent content creator building its audience online. Our goal is to support the broadcast and AV design professionals as they specify and build the most innovative production facilities in the world."

Ed Holland
Head of AMECS Channel Sales at Vizrt Group.

NewTek Partner Portal

Channeltivity is the primary resource for NewTek channel management. In Channeltivity you'll find important product information and sales enablement tools for all NewTek products. Each Consultant will have access to the information specific to individual needs, so they make use of all features available in the solutions - including NDI®, the universal video-over-IP standard.

The NewTek Consultant Program

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NewTek 拥有遍布世界各地的经销商网络。他们全部都熟知我们的产品,是视频制作和流媒体行业内的专家。

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获取关于 NewTek 系统和 NDI 实时制作工作流的专业建议,或者允许我们在您和我们的当地合作伙伴之间进行匹配,让我们的解决方案专家为您提供帮助。