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TriCaster® TC1 Leads VideoGuys 2017 Top 12 Products List

January 08, 2018 by Chuck Baker

Media Production Gear Supplier Declares 2017 “The Year of NDI®

Like many of us like to do, Gary Bettan from in the New York metro area, takes a look back at the year just ended and selects his choices for the top products introduced in 2017. Unable to narrow it down to a Top 10, his list includes a Top 12. After declaring 2017 “The Year of NDI,” seven of his top 12 products are NDI-enabled including three NewTek products.

“We’ve posted several videos this year featuring NDI and NDI products. Many of the products on this year’s Top 12 list are NDI-based. Kudos to Dr. Andrew Cross and his team over at NewTek. NDI adoption has been tremendous and new NDI products and workflows keep coming. That is why I will say it again: 2017 was the year of NDI!”

From his top 12 list, Bettan picks out a single product - the TriCaster TC1 - as the Product of the Year followed by the other 11 worthy products in no ranked order.

The Top 12 list entries that support NDI include:

  • NewTek TriCaster® TC1
  • NewTek Connect Spark SDI-to-NDI and HDMI-to-NDI converters
  • NewTek NDI PTZ Camera (1080 60p, 20x zoom)
  • BirdDog Studio SDI/HDMI-to-NDI converter
  • Telestream WireCast 8
  • Telestream WireCast Gear 230
  • PTZOptics Gen 2 PTZ Cameras with NDI firmware (1080 30p, 12 x and 20x zoom models).
TriCaster TC1 3-Monitor configuration.

“The thing I love about the TC1 is its unrivaled performance and power,” says Gary Bettan, VideoGuys.

TriCaster TC1 is the latest advance in NewTek’s pioneering software-driven integrated production systems. The modular design allows producers at any level to customize to everything from a modest startup 3-camera studio or truck to a 16-camera OB truck or a multi-studio or multi-venue centralized production facility that can switch up to 16 cameras at a time to two or more outputs.

TriCaster TC1 sports a hybrid IP/SDI 16-Channel workflow with the following capabilities:

  • Up to 16 UHD/HD/SD resolution independent NDI channels via the network
  • 4 HD 1080p 3G/HD/SD SDI channels, expandable to up to 16 with external add-ons
  • Four BNC physical outputs, configurable as 4 3G/HD/SD-SDI outputs or one 3G-SDI quad-link output for UHD 2160p 60 frames per second, expandable with add-ons
  • Two Skype channels
  • Dual streaming channels
  • 4 Mix/Effects buses
  • 图像
  • Advanced LiveSet virtual set technologies including 360° panoramic sets - with the tools for users to create their own.
  • Three times the pixel-processing horsepower of anything else in the 16-input class
  • Optional 4K UHD 60p 3G-SDI quad-link inputs, up to 16 with external add-ons

“The TriCaster is tried and true, proven technology that has set the standard for live switching, mixing and streaming productions for years. The TC1 represents a complete re-design optimized for NDI workflows and capable of delivering true 4K 60p workflows. For under $20K you’re getting features and performance that rival and actually blow away the TC8000, NewTek’s previous top of the line solution with a $35K price tag.

     “TC1 supports up to 16 video inputs that can be any combination of SDI or NDI sources. While it ships with 4 SDI inputs you can add additional SDI inputs with their I/O expansion modules.  One of the key factors that make TC1  such a tremendous value is its expandability.  You can add more functionality, I/O, and performance down the road, when you need it.”

NewTek NDI® PTZ Camera and NewTek Connect Spark SDI and HDMI models

NewTek NDI version 3.0, NewTek NDI PTZ Camera and NewTek Connect Spark converters were released in Q3 2017, completing NewTek’s end-to-end IP workflow by bringing acquisition into the fold. NewTek’s was the first native NDI camera, and Connect Spark converters can turn any SDI or HDMI camera into an NDI source. They are far easier to add to an existing production setup with autodetect technology and your choice of wired or wireless network connection.  With these products, NewTek’s product line covers every step from camera capture to streaming or broadcast delivery with an all-IP option.

Read the complete article and view the webinar (includes additional commentary on the products): Videoguys Top Products of 2017: Our Top 12 Picks for Video Production

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