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Multiple IN-Point Marking Workflow for 3Play

May 27, 2015 by Chuck Baker

Back in the days of editing and producing on video tape decks, one of the handy techniques available with some slow-motion video decks in combination with dedicated slow motion video deck controllers was the ability to set several marks during a play, and to be able to start a replay from any of the selected marks. This workflow can be used in the 3Play as well, and offers a number of advantages, especially during long plays where the operator will need to select just a portion of the play for playback.

If using the 3Play 330, an early model in the 3Play line, precursor to the current models, the unit operates exactly as needed without adjusting the settings.  For more recent models, the user will need check below the One Button Marking menu for the Out Point Padding setting and ensure it is set to “Infinity.”

An example of this workflow would be with football, during a kickoff or a pass play: the operator can mark “IN” at the first desired point and immediately mark “OUT,” followed by another “IN” at the next desired point and another immediate “OUT,” and so on. The 3Play does not stop at the “OUT” points marked when doing the replay, so these marks allow the operator to quickly go to a particular place in the play without having to jog or use the + or – keys to find the locations, and to start a replay from any of the marks.

This technique allows you to do just the right replays to give the audience the critical portions of the play action, and with a little practice provides for a precise, effective, yet very flexible replay workflow.

Our thanks for this tip go to 3Play 330 user Bob Bailey, from Texas, submitted via the NewTek forum!

Our thanks also to John Strauch, Mid-Valley Media, Inc, for the information on using the workflow with later 3Play models.

Just in case you were wondering what those numbers on the 3Play 4800 UI pic at top are all about:

  1. 用户界面 - 连接多达八路实时视频信号源(或通过完全冗余拍摄连接多达四路)、音频信号源,以及随附的硬件控制台,以进行多通道录制、多速率回放,和媒体发布和资产管理。
  2. 抓取  - 从每个角度同时采集静止画面,然后通过整合的媒体发布系统将高清图像发布到您的社交媒体帐户和储存目标位置。
  3. 录制 - 同时录制多达八路通道的视频。选择采集八路实时视频信号源或选择冗余拍摄模式通过重复录制以备份四路实时采集信号源。文件将通过原生分辨率以优质 QuickTime 格式完成录制并用于媒体发布、后期制作或存档目的。
  4. 实时桌面监视器 - 以全帧率预览形式从每个角度查看画面,并通过音量单位表叠加监测音量。一体化的多视图监看让您可以选择额外的布局,并将所有屏幕上的监控画面发送至第二块显示屏,从而扩大您的工作空间。
  5. 输出监视器 - 监看两路完全独立播出通道的实时视频输出,并使用标准转场或定制转场将它们混合。
  6. 通道信息 - 查看 A 和 B 输出通道的重要回放数据,包括时间码、剪辑时长和回放速度。
  7. FASTCLIP 窗口 - 运用直观的 3Play 4800 资源管理系统,输入和编辑元数据、搜索、筛选和归类剪辑等。FastClip 支持控制台和键盘的灵活数据输入和导航。
  8. 转场 - 使用交叉淡化、擦除和溶解实时在 A 和 B 播出通道之间转场,或使用嵌入音频和 TransWarp 特效的全色彩 Animation Store 转场。内置的 Animation Store Creator 应用程序让您可以创建定制的动画转场和转换视频特效。
  9. 剪辑列表 - 为回放管理所有标记的事件和剪辑。多标签结构、可定制标签名称和依剪辑的元数据输入实现高效的资源管理和整理。
  10. 剪辑监视器 - 同时预览录制活动的所有剪辑角度,画面将在您的实时桌面监视器上持续播放。剪辑监视器可以被嵌入至用户界面或多视图显示屏上,或同时支持二者。
  11. 播放列表  - 通过不同剪辑的音频和回放管理创建视频花絮。使用多标签结构创建和整理多个剪辑序列,然后通过 Animation Store 转场和背景音轨进行定制。
  12. TAGS - Create and manage your own code system for instant metadata entry. Assign Tags to teams, play types, players and more – then build full descriptions from keystrokes or simple control surface commands. Blast from the past - 3Play 330 Interface Guide:


  1. REPLAY INTERFACE is the control center for your 3Play 330 production. Connect up to three HD or SD cameras, audio sources, and the included 3P-10 control surface to manage recording, playback, clip marking, playlist creation, and more.
  2. ONE-BUTTON RECORDING simultaneously captures video from up to three cameras. 3Play 330 also supports automatic recording (activated by performing select operations).
  3. INPUT MONITORS let you view the live action from every angle, with interactive, full field rate displays.
  4. OUTPUT MONITORS include a large monitor for Main Output and preview monitors that show the three video channels available for playout. In 3-Out mode, 3Play 330 outputs all three angles. In 1-Out mode, a single camera angle can be selected for output or camera angles can be switched live for multi-angle playback.
  5. EVENT PANEL offers a master list and custom lists for quick and easy access to all available clips (or events) for immediate playback. Clip notes can be entered for each event, allowing you to find and replay highlights – instantly.
  6. CUSTOM LISTS let you organize events, create highlight reels or arrange selected events for sequenced playback, using color-coded tabs with customizable labels.
  7. INTERACTIVE DASHBOARD lets you perform the functions of the 3P-10 control surface from the replay interface, using on-screen controls that include playback speed presets, mark in, mark out, and transport. **Learn more about 3Play Multi-Camera Editing and Replay Systems **

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