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Sonic Foundry 在 Integrated Systems Europe 2019 上展示 AV Over IP 流传输

January 28, 2019 by Chuck Baker

Integration with NewTek NDI® provides Mediasite customers expanded options for centralized video capture

Sonic Foundry, Inc. (OTCQB: SOFO), the trusted global leader for video creation and management solutions, will demo its latest integration between Mediasite video capture appliances and NewTek’s NDI® at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2019 next week in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The integration creates the most efficient streaming video production possible.

NDI, or Network Device Interface, is an IP Standard that allows high-quality video, audio and metadata to be transferred between devices over a standard local area network. The integration with Mediasite appliances allows for a more flexible video transmission to a centrally-connected location.

“The Mediasite and NDI integration will help us to capture educational content and campus events more efficiently from anywhere without the need for a complicated setup, extensive equipment and bandwidth concerns.” - Trond Sørli, multimedia manager at the Oslo, Norway Kristiania University College

“We’re installing two NDI PTZ cameras from NewTek along with two Connect Sparks providing a presenter the slides and integrating with our mobile Mediasite Recorder. The best part: I can control the camera over NDI with a joystick from my desk, and our students and viewers can watch the stream in real-time,” said Trond Sørli.

Video products that work with NDI, like Mediasite, communicate video to each other over that network in real-time from any location. That means fewer distance limitations and much more flexible options for recording video within campuses, enterprises and events without the hassle of setting up equipment in confined spaces.

“Increasingly boardrooms, training rooms and classrooms are equipped with video technology to help employees, faculty and students learn and communicate. As these spaces continue to become more collaborative, the technologies, like Mediasite, must be able to scale up as usage grows,” said Rob Lipps, EVP, Sonic Foundry.

“We’re excited about Mediasite’s new integration with NewTek’s NDI, because it gives our customers a new way to flexibly capture and deliver videos like never before.” - Rob Lipps

Sonic Foundry will demo the integration at ISE 2019, Feb. 5 to 8 at booth 11-F140. NewTek will also be demonstrating the integration at booth 10-K160.

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