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NewTek Extends Leadership In IP Production at NAB

— Fully virtualized workflows, next versions of TriCaster® and IP Series, revolutionary graphics workflows, customized web control of products, major new NDI® partners, and new NDI technology among forthcoming NAB 2018 announcements —

Leading into NAB 2018, NewTek continues to innovate and extend the now dominant position of NDI® as the de facto standard in the industry for sharing video between software applications and hardware devices on standard Ethernet networks. Implemented in thousands of products and used by more than 10 million people worldwide, NDI is by far the most widely adopted and used IP standard. At NAB, announcements of major new adoptions by leading companies will further solidify this position.

In addition, at NABShow 2018 NewTek will:

  • Show the next versions of TriCaster® and IP Series;
  • Introduce new NDI® technology and a new version of the SDK and free tools, providing numerous performance improvements and new features;
  • Introduce next-generation, fully virtualized control rooms;
  • Announce unprecedented graphics technology that promises to revolutionize graphics workflows for live production;
  • Make several other new product and technology announcements.

“It is clear that IP video is changing the industry and we are truly seeing the second generation of video production come to reality. Our introduction of NDI is impacting not only how professional video is produced, but also other industries like gaming, A/V, digital signage, live events, and many more,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, president and CTO for NewTek. “We’re excited to be showing the latest capabilities in software and IP-centric video production techniques combining our capabilities with those of the larger ecosystem around them, all of which are growing at an unprecedented rate. We believe that it will be a software and IP-based approach that will drive the growth of video content, allowing more people to produce more content for more viewers. We are proud to be a provider of the innovation and products that are helping fuel this revolution.”

NewTek will also be demonstrating TriCaster TC1 and NewTek IP Series VMC1, still the only production switchers in the market capable of true IP, 4K, 60fps for 16- and 44-channel video switching respectively. TriCaster TC1 and VMC1 sit at the heart of the only all-IP end-to-end live video production workflow from acquisition to live production and distribution.

NewTek will host an event to preview these new developments and will be joined by major new NDI partners at the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 8, beginning with cocktails at 5:30 p.m. followed by a presentation from 6:30 to 7:30. Click here to register.

The entire all-IP workflow will be on display at the NewTek booth #SL5016 at NAB. Click here to connect with NewTek at NABShow.

Read the complete press release: NewTek Extends Leadership Position in IP Production, Continues NDI® Innovation Path

NewTek Community Event, April 8, 2018.
Something special at the NewTek Booth this year that you won't want to miss!
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