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NDI® Powers Live Production from 2018 Honda Golf Classic VIP Tents

June 19, 2018 by Chuck Baker

TriCaster TC1 control room

Lowell Thaler, president of Thaler Media, realized that at major golf tournaments there is major action behind the scenes that goes without coverage. A huge assemblage of VIPs from across all walks of life is present at these events, and a place to find them is in the many hospitality tents provided by sponsors of the events. Thaler decided to take a trial run at covering this untold story by live streaming from sponsor tents at the 2018 edition of the Honda Classic tournament, and gained approval for this from the tournament managers.

The company applied their own experience with golf coverage plus the expertise of systems integrator Midtown Video - the production should be done with cameras on site able to move freely and provide their live content to the internet, the studio safe at home ingesting that live video over the internet, and creating the fully-produced show for the live stream. The equipment selected to fulfill this production plan included NewTek’s TriCaster® TC1 IP-based 4K 60p integrated 16-input multi-camera production system featuring dual streaming capability, LiveU LU600 portable transmission systems and companion LU2000 bonded video transceiver. This combination of equipment allowed for the use of NewTek NDI® bi-directional technology for IP transport of video, audio, metadata and communications over standard networks.

Sony F55 cameras paired with the LU600 receiver backpacks transmitted via bonded cellular to the LU2000 in a central location at the tournament site. The LU2000 provided the video as NDI® streams over a dedicated LAN to the TriCaster TC1. The TriCaster TC1:

  • Recorded all raw footage as independent streams to a hard drive for archiving (IsoCording)
  • Switched the live show, adding graphics, branding, transitions and effects
  • Streamed the live show to Facebook Live.

The experiment was so successful that it drew the interest of the PGA of America, which asked Thaler to present to them about the possibility of live streaming in the future from the hospitality tents at their events.

“Without the LiveU and TC1 systems, I could not have pulled off this high-quality production as cost-effectively,” Thaler said. “The workflow is a fraction of the cost of renting an HD production truck. With the LiveU LU600 backpacks and NewTek NDI networking, I can send camera crews wherever I need them—even thousands of miles away—and direct the shoot remotely from my studio control room in Florida.”

Read the complete story at Midtown Video: Thaler Media Streams Live from Hospitality Tents at The Honda Classic 2018 Golf Tournament

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Main and Inset: Shooting behind the scenes at 2018 Honda Classic Golf Tournament
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