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Medialooks 更新 Video Transport 以增加 NDI® 远程 PTZ 控制

2019 年 2 月 1 日

Medialooks found that the most requested enhancement for their Video Transport product was PTZ camera remote control. They delivered for customers, using NewTek’s NDI® technology for bidirectional transport of video, audio and data at very low latency, very high quality, and any resolution over standard networks. The solution puts not just audio and video, but also control, tally and power, all on a single PoE Ethernet cable. This both simplifies production infrastructure, shedding bundles of cabling formerly required for the several purposes, and multiplies the power of the crew available.

In the video, Medialooks and client Bright show off the new functionality. A studio controls a PTZ camera miles away, over the Internet.

IP-based video with this kind of reach makes possible entirely new types of productions at budgets just a fraction of past requirements for making live television, either in a studio or in the field. Or for that matter, producers now have the ability to do productions anywhere in the world from one central studio. That potential in turn means new production businesses for shows and events that could never have gotten off the ground before, yet with the production values formerly only possible from major broadcasters.

“We have seen an enormous and growing interest in PTZ cameras which fulfill an exciting promise in production, but not requiring an operator for having more angles and different content available. Importantly though, only half of this promised improvement to workflows is delivered if you still have to have traditional installations in terms of operational and installation complexity with separate cables for power, video, audio, PTZ control, tally. NDI is an IP standard and so stands as the natural way to enable PTZ cameras — by combining power-over-Ethernet, IP video, IP audio, IP-based control and tally you can add a fully controllable camera by literally plugging in a single Ethernet cable. This means that you can add entirely new views affordably and easily which is quite game changing,” - Andrew Cross, Ph.D., CTO and President, NewTek, Inc.

High end production with large crew complements will remain, of course. Moreover, high end production itself will leverage the new video production technologies to extend their creative possibilities and get much more from their budget. IP-based video production changes the entire game for content creators at any level.

Read the complete blog entry at Medialooks Blog: Remote PTZ cams control in Video Transport

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