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新一代的 NDI®

April 08, 2018 by Dr. Andrew Cross and Steve Bowie

从一开始,NewTek 的使命就可以被提炼成一句重要的话:让制作人员能够通过视频讲述故事。我们确信,计算机、软件和网络是新一代视频工具的三大基石,不管是高端市场,或者任何希望制作节目,或传输团队活动、班级课程或集会视频的任何人,都能在其中寻找到乐趣。

Video revolutions start in basements and garages wherever creative programmers have great ideas (we know, because we started there, too!) We want them to succeed. When they win, we all win. NDI® is where our commitment to this vision becomes reality.

We could have kept NDI to ourselves. Instead, we made it both incredibly easy to implement and free to sell. Thus we were gratified but not surprised to see hundreds of great new products appear as if overnight that take advantage of NDI’s outstanding A/V interchange features.

To underscore how strongly we feel about this, we even helped our competitors achieve their goals: We released our NDI PTZ cameras, but we also assisted Panasonic, PTZ Optics, Lumens, Marshall, and others to bring their NDI products to market. We’ve made NewTek-brand NDI converters, but helped BirdDog create theirs, too. And we give away, completely free of cost, our richly powerful suite of NDI Tools – to enable developers and end-users alike to immediately multiply the benefits of their investments.

We’re very proud of NDI. It’s what results when a video software company designs an IP protocol. NDI checks all the important boxes for production, but doesn’t paint you into a corner. For example, NDI-SMPTE2110 interop is fully functional. Likewise, we anticipate that upcoming protocols in various stages of development by hardware-focused companies will be equally complementary to and compatible with NDI.

We want to sincerely thank the community for making NDI the world’s most successful IP standard for video production. Without thousands of companies who joined hands with us, more than ten million people would still be chained to HDMI and SDI. While this latest build is dubbed version 3.5 (full integer updates occur at IBC on NDI’s anniversary), it is extremely feature packed and delivers massive benefits for NDI developers and customers alike.

Changes to NDI Applications and Drivers

NDI 扫描转换器

The new version of NDI Scan Converter provides vastly improved image quality and much, much more. The GPU is now used to capture the screen, and handles the lion’s share of color conversion, processing and NDI transmission. You can now capture all of your system’s desktops in real-time, at full 60Hz and with almost no CPU usage. (Note: This version of Scan Converter relies on the latest DirectX 11 API, thus requires Windows 8 or better.) Choose which audio source accompanies your screen capture, including system audio. Now you can play a computer game or display a PowerPoint presentation with audio (with no impact on frame-rate) and supply it as an NDI source. Scan Converter now fully supports webcams, too. Stream games with audio, and overlay your webcam on the stream while supplying voice-over with a high-quality mic. Send PowerPoint to your audience on Hangouts, Zoom Media, Skype, or GoToMeeting (see NDI Virtual Input), and use your webcam to talk to them. NDI Scan Converter now provides ‘region of interest’ support, so you can capture video directly from a YouTube page.

NDI Studio Monitor

无论如何强调这款“小巨人”的重要性都不算过分。标牌是一个影响广泛且重要的视频领域,而 Studio Monitor 让您无需再为此感到忧虑。现在,几乎每一档节目的场景包括,多视频屏幕、演播室、建筑物的正面,以及广告牌巨型显示屏等。通过模拟布线提供这些信号源是不切实际的,SDI 的硬件成本过高,而 HDMI 的距离限制使其无法作为可靠的备选方案。因此,IP 便成了完美的解决方案—无处不在、可靠,而且价格低廉。

Need to update the display on a remote screen? NDI Studio Monitor now provides an integrated web server; just scan a QR code on the display to turn your mobile device into a (password-protected) remote control. What’s more, multiple instances of Studio Monitor running on the same machine can be independently controlled. Even when you have lots of different computers running Studio Monitor, they all ‘see’ each other over P2P, giving you complete control from any point on your network!

Studio Monitor 的另一项基本且重要的附加功能让您能够在显示屏上叠加字幕和图像(甚至是全动态视频)。为演播室视频分配独一无二的叠加图层,并将与众不同的元素添加到您的陈列室。或者使用“叠加”功能打造画中画的效果。现在,每一个 Studio Monitor 实例都能选择在回放时使用哪台音频设备,以及将输出显示在哪台视频监视器上(或跨越显示在哪几台监视器上)。您甚至可以将 Studio Monitor 设置成开机启动,如此一来,多个实例都能正确配置,并且自动启动。购买一台或两台 NUC,就能轻松地以合理的价格获得多路远程可控的 4K 输出。

Better support for joysticks and keyboard shortcuts for PTZ control round out this phenomenal upgrade.

NDI 虚拟输入

Assign NDI video sources as inputs to anything that supports webcams (including GoTo Meeting, Skype, Hangouts, Zoom Media, and much more!) NDI Virtual Input fully supports 1080p60 or even 4K at full frame-rate, and even allows you to modify audio levels for different application requirements.

VLC Media Player

该新版本现在支持 VLC3.0 和 VLC 2.x。内置虚拟 PTZ 控制,让您可以水平移动和缩放在 Studio Monitor 中显示的 VLC 输出,仿佛在控制一台真实的 PTZ 摄像机一样。视频格式支持、时间戳等功能得到优化。

Adobe CC drivers

新的驱动程序支持最新版本的 Adobe CC,同时能够提供更高质量的浮点色彩支持等。

NDI HX Drivers

The NDI HX drivers are now integrated into NDI tools to make things quicker and more convenient. The drivers feature many optimizations, bug-fixes and improved support for complex network setups. In addition, hardware acceleration support has been upgraded.

Changes to the SDK

我们让 SDK 更简单易用。各项功能更易理解,而且完全向下兼容。如果您刚开始接触 NDI 生态系统,全新的《SDK 入门指南》将加快您的学习速度。

Changes to the Protocol

Really, NDI itself has been completely transformed ‘under the hood’, including truly massive optimizations to the underlying protocol to support UDP data transfer, with Forwards Error Correction (for both Unicast and Multicast). What is more, NDI now automatically detects NICs, and all the possible paths between a source and a destination, in order to spread the bandwidth out across all possible paths. This delivers much better performance in almost every case, even on high latency networks. What is more, very sophisticated internal congestion control reduces packet loss, and helps everything run on real-world networks which often employ ‘less than ideal’ routers or switches.

More reliable discovery

Numerous discovery and connection edge cases are handled better, to provide increased reliability when network topologies change, across multiple NICs (or networks) and much more. In other enhancements, NDI discovery on the local machine is improved as also are NDI sources on virtual networks.

NDI Hardware

NewTek will soon be launching a reference FPGA project running on a Xilinx reference board that we will let people play with for free; if you make a commercial project then we should talk about how we can work together to make it successful.

And more …

Traditionally, using RGB video was 80% slower than YCbCr. We’ve added AVX2 optimizations to bring this down to just 20% (assuming you have enough memory bandwidth on your system to keep up). We also now support 4:2:0 video color spaces on input, and we even include FFMPEG for Windows with NDI support for your convenience, eliminating the hassle of working out how to compile it yourself.

You Want it When?

发布时间定于 NAB 之后(我们届时将了解更多乐趣。展会上再见!)

如需了解关于 NDI 的详细信息,或下载与其相关的内容:NewTek NDI 主页

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