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IBC 2019:NewTek IP 体育视频制作

September 19, 2019 by Chuck Baker

From the Vizrt Group main stage at IBC 2019, NewTek video producer Richard Evans provides a tour of the Vizrt/NewTek Dream Team of live sports production. Powered by NDI, the world’s largest ecosystem for IP video production, with SDI to leverage your existing cameras and infrastructure, TriCaster TC1, 3Play 3P1, and Vizrt-NewTek NVG1 IP Graphics Server blend the best in live production technologies with the best in motion graphics production. The combination offers 16-input UHD capability, instant replay with variable speed slow motion, telestration, tagging and archiving, multi-channel recording, 3D motion graphics creation, and resolution independent output - you can send output in custom resolutions to broadcast, digital signage and social media simultaneously.

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The Vizrt/NewTek Dream Team for Sports Production: TriCaster TC1, 3Play 3P1, and Vizrt-NewTek NVG1 IP Motion Graphics Server
Example 3D motion graphics for sports created with Vizrt-NewTek NVG1 IP Motion Graphics Server.
Two-channel telestration is built in to 3Play 3P1.
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