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IBC 2019:为您实现制作 IP 视频的梦想

We are now in a position to pool the pioneering innovation and engineering strengths of Vizrt, NewTek and NDI® for the benefit of all our customers. I’m incredibly excited to help our customers reach their goals by leveraging our powerful intellectual property, valuable channel network and industry thought leaders. This will deliver on our mission, which simply put is: more stories, better told. - Michael Hallén, CEO, Vizrt Group

At IBC 2019, Vizrt Group shared this visionary goal that guides its major brands. Each of these brands is about empowering storytellers to bring their stories to life with greater ease and greater quality that ever before. They have been the pioneers and are indisputably the leaders in bringing storytellers professional quality video production capabilities based in the products of the massively larger industry of digital technologies.

The presentation in this video covers:

  • What is NDI and what can it do:
    • Media transport, power, tally, control and more, all via standard networks
    • Everything on the network can be used by everything else
    • Major production tool vendors are implementing NDI, and major producers are adopting NDI workflow
    • NDI is the Biggest ecosystem for IP video, available now
  • The capabilities of the TriCaster line of software-driven live production systems:
    • Up to 16 inputs
    • Multiple media servers
    • Graphics and titles
    • Animated transitions
    • Custom transitions and effects with Animation Store Creator
    • Multi-layered keying systems
    • Virtuals sets with virtual camera moves - your real camera stays stationary; the sets include reflections, parallax and more
  • LiveGraphics: new system that leverages Adobe Photoshop and After Effects for custom, quality multi-layer graphics, with text that can be edited live in TriCaster
  • Live Story Creator: new show automation system - create a script in Microsoft Word with show control commands in the comments
  • Recording in NewTek live production systems now offer more channels and network time protocol for perfect synchronizability; and you can start cutting for post production while the live show is still recording.
  • Scale up your recording and production media serving capabilities with NewTek Remote Storage
  • NewTek production systems offer complete resolution independence, with simultaneous multi-resolution output for multi-destination publishing - output to broadcast, digital signage and social media all at the same time.



Free NDI Tools enable producers to take a first step into IP workflow.
The TriCaster Multi-Camera Integrated Live Production System Family - the most complete live production systems on the planet, all with NDI IP Workflow..
Live Story Creator automates a show using a script created in Microsoft Word with show control commands, running on a teleprompter.
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