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Celebro Drives Live TV with NDI®

Wesley Dodd, CEO of Celebro Media

Celebro Media Group has in just a few years grown from its initial London studio to a worldwide production powerhouse serving a host of major clients and networks from studios on 3 continents. CEO Wesley Dodd recently shared with TV Technology Magazine the goals and vision behind the company, insights on the production technologies that are key to their success, and how they are adapting now for an even bigger future. In his own words:

“Celebro was founded on the basis that we wanted to be a world-class provider of pioneering and cost-effective live broadcasting solutions. Since opening the doors of our global facilities in Central London, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, we’ve welcomed clients such as BBC World Service, MTV, Discovery Channel, Reuters and TRT World. The flexible 4K studio locations offer the ideal space for both live and prerecorded programmes: we also can deliver outside broadcasting capabilities for breaking news events.”

On the move to NewTek IP Series:

“After great success with the TriCaster® Advanced Edition, we turned to NewTek and its IP Series to help us significantly increase studio scalability and accommodate our rapid global expansion plans.

Offering more configurations and complete set of capabilities, we’ve found no other solution that would enable a complete unified production workflow to the scale and scope of the NewTek IP Series.

“Since embracing this software-based production solution, we can provide uncompromised 4K UHD services and handle the most demanding production needs. We can also offer global broadcasters the chance to link to other studios to create more diverse content and when using NDI’s inputs, outputs and media assets…are readily available and accessible by all users in any location on the network.”

…as part of our global operations, the IP Series’ modular approach has delivered virtually limitless access to video sources and video mixing possibilities.

On NewTek TalkShow®

“To further enhance our offering, we invested in several NewTek TalkShow VS 4000 systems, which offer professional, multichannel video calling for both SDI and IP workflows. This means we can now conduct multiple live, production-ready Skype video calls simultaneously during a broadcast. We can cost-effectively offer our clients the opportunity for presenters to facilitate compelling conversations or in-depth discussions between multiple remote guests in real-time regardless of location. Celebro is currently using TalkShow to link up our global TV studios in different parts of the world to provide multiviews from one studio location to another.”

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