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ArKaos Hooks Up with NewTek NDI®

Digital control specialist ArKaos has announced support for software-driven IP workflows using NewTek NDI® Network Device Interface protocol. By integrating NDI, ArKaos joins the industry’s largest IP ecosystem, with hundreds of products in the hands of millions of users, and a rapidly expanding number of companies enabling IP-based customer workflows, ArKaos has integrated NDI into its MediaMaster PRO, MediaMaster Express, Grand VJ, and Grand VJ XT products, which are all now recognizable as a source by other NDI-enabled applications and devices connected via a standard Ethernet local area network.

The ArKaos ecosystem allows for the maximum and most flexible control of lighting and video, in one easy-to-use comprehensive tool. ArKaos hardware and real-time video software is present in every major market sector and industry, from IOT / architectural and architainment installations to LED applications and media solutions to video mapping projects encompassing live events, corporate, and broadcast.

NewTek’s royalty-free NDI technology allows video, audio, metadata and communications to be shared bi-directionally across a standard network, eliminating the need for costly direct connections, expensive baseband cable runs, and infrastructure upgrades … while turning every source into a destination instantly available anywhere on the network.

We choose to use NDI for several reasons. The first one is simplicity. NDI will auto-discover the sources and receivers on the network and will happily coexist with other protocols used in the lighting industry. We did not even have to add any settings in our applications because when not in use, automatically no extra processing will occur.

Another reason is low latency. For our customers, every frame counts and during tests, NDI proved to be very efficient in this aspect. - ArKaos CEO Marco Hinic

The NDI SDK is royalty free for any company looking to establish IP workflows within their organization, or in the commercial products and applications they deliver.

The ArKaos products mentioned above will be demonstrated and in action on two major upcoming entertainment and broadcast trade exhibitions. Find the team on stand 12.B64, with Robe / Anolis at IBC in Amsterdam, September 13 - 18, and on the ArKaos booth J60, at PLASA Show in London Olympia, September 16 - 18.

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