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AHS Razorback TV 是七个 STN Broadcast Excellence 地区获奖者之一

Arkansas High School’s Razorback TV has continued an award-winning path by being selected as the Southwest Region’s Best Monthly News Show by the Student Television Network (STN). This follows their October 2018 Best Complete Show First Place Award at the Ozark Media Arts Festival in Springdale, Arkansas. As one of seven regional award winners, AHS is now in competition for the national award, to be announced at the STN National Convention, March 28-31, 2019.   

Razorback TV (RTV) is the broadcast journalism program at AHS. Among other projects, RTV produces On Our Campus and Razorback TV News, which focus on campus and community news and events. Within the program, students gain hands-on experience with professional television production equipment including two audio production booths, a Mac-based television and film editing lab, and studio and mobile television production facilities. The program thus provides the opportunity to learn the skills needed to enter a career in broadcast television and mobile production.

AHS RTV covered as noted saxophonist Lou Marini performed with the Arkansas High School Jazz Band at Perot Theatre. Photos by Michael Westbrook.

Part of the funding for the latest new equipment for the program was through a Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics (STEM) program of the Texarkana Arkansas School District (TASD), called the Montage Project. Recently, students produced the first of a series of video reports on project activities, this one focusing on AHS RTV. AHS Audio/Video Technology Teacher Michael Westbrook spoke about the impact of program, and students gave a tour of the production facilities, which include NewTek’s state-of-the-art 4Kp60 IP/SDI TriCaster® TC1 and the NewTek NDI® PTZ1 robotic camera.

TC1 is an integrated production system that offers up to 16 external inputs, switching, text, graphics, media storage and playback, downstream keying, virtual set technology, dual-channel streaming, and much, much more. In addition to the TriCaster TC1, AHS RTV also has a TriCaster Mini, a complete multi-camera integrated production system so portable it can fit into a backpack, allowing for easy mobile production for venues outside the studio.

TriCaster TC1 bridges traditional technologies with the new IP-based technologies for professional video production. This preserves the school’s investment in the previous generation of SD/HD SDI cameras and infrastructure, while allowing them to acquire and integrate IP-based equipment to implement new production capabilities, such as the NDI PTZ1. For example, traditional cameras require an operator and multiple specialized cables, whereas the NDI PTZ1 can offer video, audio, control, tally and power over a single network cable.

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