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NewTek LivePanel Advances IP Workflows with Browser-Based Remote User Interfaces

– Simplifies operation allowing users to build their own workflows that can be driven from any browser –

NewTek is pleased to introduce NewTek LivePanel, a fully customizable browser-based control system that is now included with NewTek IP Series multi-camera production systems and optionally available for TriCaster® TC1. Accessible from smart-phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop devices wired or wireless – NewTek LivePanel allows users to access their own customized video workflows from any web browser on the same network. Users can also  preview and monitor videos of any video source within the browser for immediate visual feedback. Even casual users can design and drive complex productions with a few button pushes, providing a level of quality and consistency rivaling seasoned professionals. LivePanel also expands the number of operator positions available for TriCaster TC1 and IP Series systems in larger-scale production environments including on-the-fly scoreboard control to provide instant score updates and stats from virtually anywhere in a venue.

NewTek will demonstrate LivePanel at IBC 2017 Stand 7.K11 from September 15-19 in Amsterdam.

“Producers who want to leverage the cutting-edge IP production workflow and horsepower of NewTek live production systems without requiring highly-trained production personnel can now use NewTek LivePanel to simplify the user experience and create high-quality, consistent programming,” said Brian Olson, vice president of Product Management for NewTek. “LivePanel makes designing and running a complex production easy and fun, and illustrates NewTek’s commitment to innovating the way production is performed and leading the move to full IP based workflows. Not only can your video production devices be connected anywhere on the network over IP, now you can control your production from anywhere on the network as well.”

LivePanel Builder interface.

LivePanel Builder interface.

LivePanel ships with panels designed to control various aspects of the workflow – including switching, audio, media playback, scoreboards, and macro triggering. LivePanel makes it possible for every operator to design their own layouts, controls and video preview windows as necessary. Basic user-defined panels can be created with LivePanel Builder to assign complex sequences and time-based effects to a single button. Fully configurable custom menus and buttons of any size may be built with custom images, text, color and video previews identifying each control function.

From an IP Series platform for example, LivePanel can be configured to preview any of the up to 44 video inputs, including 4K inputs, 20 internal graphics and media channels, or any outputs over SDI or IP. LivePanel is served directly from software built into the IP Series or TriCaster TC1 and devices do not require any installation or even a connection to a public internet. It runs on any device, browser, or operating system – Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or  iOS. This makes it simple to have on-camera talent control portions of the production with a tablet or even their mobile phone.

For more advanced capabilities, NewTek ProServ professional services will work with customers to design and deliver custom LivePanel controllers that automate almost any function and provide a new level of quality and consistency to productions.

Built for video content producers of all types––live sports, news, venue signage, live events, and corporate meetings, education, and more––LivePanel allows anyone to produce high-end video without specialized training or years of experience.

Availability & Pricing

NewTek LivePanel is available now on NewTek IP Series at no additional cost and optionally available on TriCaster TC1 in the next software release for $995 MSRP. See your local NewTek representative for more information.

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