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Panasonic Goes Big With NDI — New PTZ Cameras & Switcher Coming This Fall

July 16, 2017 by Chuck Baker

Following hot on the heels of NewTek’s NDI® PTZ Camera announcement, offering the world’s first PTZ camera with built-in NDI, Panasonic Media Entertainment Company has announced a full line-up of professional integrated cameras with built-in NDI support. Panasonic models AW-HN38, AW-HN40, AW-UN70, and AW-HN130 will all be getting the full NDI treatment with availability targeted for the fall.

These camera models will join Panasonic’s market leading existing PTZ models (non “N” models), and will be available in both black and white colors. Plus, the new AW-HN38 enters the Panasonic professional PTZ line-up as a high-value, premium quality model with a powerful feature-set similar to the AW-HN/HE40, but with 20x Zoom, HDMI and built-in NDI IP connectivity.

Just as exciting for Panasonic customers who have already purchased or will purchase the “standard” AW-HE40H/S, AW-UE70, and AW-HE130 PTZ cameras, there will be an upgrade to enable NDI capabilities for all these models. Visit NewTek’s website ( now to be among the first to know when an NDI upgrade is available for your camera.

The “N” model cameras will feature an NDI mode within the camera menu that reconfigures the camera settings for best performance and full compatibility on an NDI network. Simply connect from the network (NDI) connector to the network switch and the video source is immediately available on any NDI-capable software application or production system. Full control of a remote PTZ camera with full tally support is also immediately available and requires no additional menu configuration due to the tight collaboration between NewTek and Panasonic on NDI version 3. NDI perfects the “single” cable workflow with Panasonic, enabling video, audio, PTZ control, tally and power all over one cable.

“With NDI Version 3, NewTek is making IP Video a complete end-to-end offering for customers, highlighted by our relationship with Panasonic and their next generation products. We have collaborated closely with Panasonic over a period of years to bring its de facto industry standard for robotic PTZ control and image quality to the millions of end users who have NDI-enabled products,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, NewTek President, and Chief Technology Officer. “Panasonic PTZ cameras with NDI built-in are the realization of the dream of a more efficient and better way to produce a show.”

And there’s more…Panasonic recently introduced the NDI-capable Panasonic AV-HLC100 switcher (shipping in Fall 2017). NDI integrated into Panasonic PTZ cameras in conjunction with the Panasonic AV-HLC100 will provide a unique next generation workflow, offering full end-to-end IP connectivity from capture, live production right up to end-user delivery and streaming. Compared to traditional baseband, serial and analog workflows, NDI dramatically cuts down on set-up time and labor and works on existing infrastructure, meaning that almost any network is now ready to produce and distribute video.


Panasonic AV-HLC100 NDI-enabled Switcher.

“Panasonic has innovated with its professional remote production cameras and systems from the very first generation,” says Delix Joseph T. Alex, Product Manager for PTZ Camera and IP Networking Systems, Panasonic Media Entertainment Company. “The original vision of simple yet truly remote production from almost anywhere is now achieved with built-in NDI support in Panasonic award-winning professional integrated PTZ cameras and switchers.”

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