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TriCaster 860 Powered International Jazz Day Live Concert from Havana

A number of companies and organizations, including UNESCO, collaborated to sponsor a major live concert for International Jazz Day, April 30, 2017.  Hosted by Will Smith,  the event included performances from UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Herbie Hancock,  UNESCO Artist for Peace Marcus Miller, Esperanza Spalding, Regina Carter, Kurt Elling, Chucho Valdés Oficial, Quincy Jones and more than 50 world-renowned artists.

Switching the live show was Jose Burgos of BurgosFX, a certified TriCaster® operator and trainer, shown above in rehearsal for the show. Video equipment in action for the broadcast and live streaming production included:

  • TriCaster 860® 8-Input Multi-Camera Live Production System with IP workflow, with TriCaster Advanced Edition software
  • 8 Sony HDC-2500 cameras with studio kits
  • Two Camera Control Units (CCU)  and operators
  • Remote controlled tower camera on dolly tracks
  • NewTek ISOCorder Pro to record source footage and output via NewTek NDI® IP technology from the network
  • Odyssey 7Q+ recorders for redundant recordings of the camera feeds and output The live show fed to Cuba TV at 5:00 PM, and delayed broadcast went to YouTube and Facebook at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

During the rehearsals, Burgos remarked, “This has been so far an amazing experience for not just the Jazz, but an honor to be requested to be the TriCaster OP and switch the show.”


In the image at left, the 2RU black unit with blue light is the rack-mountable system to run ISOCORDER Pro that Jose built for this project. The larger monitor is showing some of the NDI feeds the unit is recording.

Besides the live production tasks, the TriCaster did double-duty as part of the archiving of the raw sources and the finished output. “I did Program Out and cameras one through three isocording on the TriCaster 860, and on the ISOCorder Pro system I did cameras four through eight,” said Burgos.

Watch the show on demand: International Jazz Festival live from Havana, Cuba

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Monitor for the ISOCorder Pro system, quad view.

Monitor for the ISOCorder Pro system, quad view.

A section of the control room for the live production of the International Jazz Day Concert .

A section of the control room for the live production of the International Jazz Day Concert from Havana, Cuba. The far table shows the monitor for ISOCorder Pro, and the Odyssey recorders providing redundant archiving of the camera feeds.

Will Smith and Quincy Jones.

Will Smith and Quincy Jones.

Herbie Hancock.

Herbie Hancock.

Chucho Valdés

Chucho Valdé s
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