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Europe: Sports Venues and Franchises Grow Fans and Revenues with Media Production production center image, courtesy Installation International production center image, courtesy Installation International

Formerly sports coverage was something that broadcasters did and that teams and venues simply cooperated with (for revenue, when possible).  Video coverage was pretty much reserved to major league sports teams playing in major stadiums and arenas.  The rise of ever-more-affordable in-venue displays, high-bandwidth internet for low-cost media distribution, and economical but powerful professional-quality integrated media production systems has brought video coverage capabilities to venues and teams themselves, and at all levels.

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“Making the in-stadium experience more compelling is a particular driver of change,” suggests Chris Waddington, director of sales east, EMEA, for NewTek, Inc. “From a business standpoint, increasing revenue streams beyond just tickets sales is a compelling reason for teams and stadiums to invest, whether it’s an upturn in food and beverage or merchandise sales, or more time spent in hospitality areas. If you can engage with fans and provide compelling content that grabs and holds their attention, then they are likely to stay in the stadium for longer, and you are on the way to generating more revenue.”

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