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Virgin Atlantic London Heathrow Clubhouse Has Got Soul

January 06, 2016 by Scott Carroll

Visitors to the Virgin Atlantic London Heathrow Clubhouse recently benefited from an exclusive gig of soulful tones from rising star Andreya Triana, as she performed a live set. Produced by media production company Sprat with the help of NewTek’s TriCaster Mini, the recording will be shown on all Virgin flights and is available on Virgin’s entertainment system online.

“Virgin has always been completely immersed in music–it’s where the whole brand started - but this is the first time we’ve ever done anything like this in the Heathrow Clubhouse,” says Charles Vine, Brand Alliances Manager at Virgin. “We like to do things differently at Virgin and offer our passengers more than just a flight. We’re hoping to create a regular programme of similar events to bring up and coming artists and bands exclusively to our passengers, both in the Clubhouse and on the in-flight entertainment system.”

LHR-Clubhouse-Bar-newDue to the airside location of the Heathrow Clubhouse, all the equipment had to be transported through security and set up inconspicuously.“We had to keep all the equipment really small,” said Dan Gable, Director at Sprat. “The TriCaster Mini, which fits into a backpack, was actually one of the easiest things to get through security alongside the lights and cameras.”

The production team, who had worked with the bigger TriCaster systems in the past, were able to set up quickly on arrival and efficiently start recording. The whole set up fit discreetly on to a couple of the lounge tables, ensuring minimum disruption to Upper Class passengers. The TriCaster Mini also proved useful for multi-tasking.

“We used the TriCaster Mini not just as a live switcher, but also to visualise angles from the four connected Canon cameras so we could make informed decisions on where they should be placed,” said Dan. “It also saved us significant time in post-production as we can do so much in the live mix. With such a fast turnaround time, this job would have been impossible without the TriCaster Mini.”

The TriCaster Mini also enabled the Virgin team to see the live cuts on a monitor, helping them to get a feel of how the final video was going to look.

You can view a sneak preview of the footage here.

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