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Video –– 3 Key Ways to Drive Engagement, Leads, and Sales

To start off, the headline should probably be exactly reversed. How do you generate leads, make sales and create engagement? The answer to all of these critical questions is video.


Video can be used for lead generation in many ways. The primary among them is to increase your chances for being found in a random web search. As I’ve mentioned in another article, YouTube is now the SECOND most popular search engine behind Google. But even without YouTube, Google’s algorithms, though constantly changing, always favor video content. Videos are more than 50 times more likely to show up on the first page of search results. That’s not 50 PERCENT more likely, that’s FIFTY TIMES! That’s just one of dozens of statistics about the importance of video in SEO (search engine optimization). But this article isn’t just about SEO.

The other thing that generates leads is delivering content that your customers are searching for APART from your product itself. How well do you know your customers? What is it that they love? What subject could you make a video about OTHER than your product that might draw the attention of potential customers? Use that as “bait” to draw them to your website or even just to have them exposed to your brand tangentially.

Create something shareable. Your best leads don’t come from your sales team. Your best leads come from other people that your potential customers like and trust. Create a video that someone might want to share with a potential customer. Let’s say that you’re a garage door manufacturer. Why not search the web and put together a collection of the ten worst garage door fails? Then at the end, a little tag that shows your brand or provides a link to your webpage. Or to be even trickier, provide the top nine fails in the video and then to see the top fail they have to go to your website or provide a lead contact!

Provide something valuable. What do your customers need (other than your product)? Make a video with valuable tips for your industry that have nothing to do with your product. Maybe what sets your company apart from the competition is your green initiative. Make a video with tips for being green. Brand it at the end with your contact info. Maybe your customers are truckers. Make a video with the top big-rig fuel cost saving tips. Show your potential customers that you already care about them and they’re not even customers yet.


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Video can help generate sales in numerous ways. Primary among them is to properly train your sales staff, especially if you use a geographically diverse sales team or use outside sales reps. Who is your best sales rep? Why are they so good at closing? Why do their customers order more? Find out from that rep and pass those best practices along to the rest of the team. Often with outside sales reps, they have to know a lot of different product lines. Make sure that they understand your differentiators and how best to sell your product using training videos. Often you can use internal people, like a product manager, to discuss important features, making the videos inexpensive. If you have an inexperienced sales staff, training videos can help deliver a consistent training message even if that staff churns quite a bit. This can lower your overall training costs and improve the quality of the training.

Videos can also help the customer sell themselves. Even if your customer has a hard time getting the right answers from your sales staff, if you provide numerous short videos outlining specific product benefits on your website, a potential customer has the chance to sample your product without the pressure of a sales person. By providing a great “face” to your company in the videos, you can build in trust and loyalty with potential customers who get a great first impression from a series of well-made, compelling videos.

Videos can allow customers to discover other product lines beyond the ones that they might first explore. Having a series of videos that reference products across your entire product line can help sell your current customers on products they’ve never considered.

Testimonial videos are a great way to increase sales. Who’s one of your most satisfied customers? Give them a little incentive to star in a testimonial video about their success with your products. Potential customers are much less wary about a sales message coming from someone just like them – a user of your product.


Any sales guru will tell you that the best customer is a repeat customer. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. If you can keep your customers engaged and loyal to your brand it not only keeps an important sale, but it can also help generate new leads and new sales by having a customer who is SO engaged that they’re actually an unpaid evangelist or product ambassador. Video can help create that engagement.

Similar to videos that help generate leads and sales, videos that help your clients feel good about the decision to do business with you create a bond that is priceless. Think of some ways that could validate a customer’s decision to use your product or service. It could demonstrate the superiority of one of your competitors. It could be a video that gives your customer talking points when they have to justify a purchase to a superior. It could be a human element, like a simple human interest story about someone at your company that makes your client feel like they’re dealing with a trusted friend. It could be a video explaining how your company uses profits from sales to give back to the community and ties the customer’s purchase to the good deeds, making them feel like part of the family.

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One thing to consider about creating content to generate engagement is not very intuitive: don’t create content about your product all the time. Consider generating content that will benefit your customers beyond their purchase of your product. Many companies do this. ComEd has many videos about how to use LESS electricity. You would think that those videos hurt the company, but instead they generate trust and engagement with their customers.

Video is the most desired content on the web. Providing that content to your customers and potential customers is the surest way to new leads, bigger sales and greater customer engagement.

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