3Play 4800 - 界面


  1. USER INTERFACE - Connect up to eight live video sources (or up to four with fully redundant capture), audio sources, and the included hardware control surface for multi-channel recording, multi-speed playback, media publishing and asset management.
  2. GRAB - Capture freeze frames of the action from every angle simultaneously, then post your HD images to social media accounts and storage targets using the integrated media publishing system.
  3. 录制 - 同时录制多达八路通道的视频。选择采集八路实时视频信号源或选择冗余拍摄模式通过重复录制以备份四路实时采集信号源。文件将通过原生分辨率以优质 QuickTime 格式完成录制并用于媒体发布、后期制作或存档目的。
  4. 实时桌面监视器 - 以全帧率预览形式从每个角度查看画面,并通过音量单位表叠加监测音量。一体化的多视图监看让您可以选择额外的布局,并将所有屏幕上的监控画面发送至第二块显示屏,从而扩大您的工作空间。
  5. OUTPUT MONITORS - Monitor the live video output of the two fully independent playout channels – and mix them using standard transitions or custom animations.
  6. 通道信息 - 查看 A 和 B 输出通道的重要回放数据,包括时间码、剪辑时长和回放速度。
  7. FASTCLIP WINDOW - Input and edit metadata, search, filter, and categorize clips, and more, with the intuitive 3Play 4800 asset management system. FastClip supports input from both the control surface and keyboard for flexible data entry and navigation.
  8. 转场 - 使用交叉淡化、擦除和溶解实时在 A 和 B 播出通道之间转场,或使用嵌入音频和 TransWarp 特效的全色彩 Animation Store 转场。内置的 Animation Store Creator 应用程序让您可以创建定制的动画转场和转换视频特效。
  9. CLIP LIST - Manage all marked events and clips for playback. The multi-tab structure, customizable tab names, and per-clip metadata entry provide for efficient asset management and organization.
  10. 剪辑监视器 - 同时预览录制活动的所有剪辑角度,画面将在您的实时桌面监视器上持续播放。剪辑监视器可以被嵌入至用户界面或多视图显示屏上,或同时支持二者。
  11. PLAY LIST - Create highlight reels with per-clip management of audio and playback. Build and organize multiple clip sequences using the multi-tab structure, then customize with animation store transitions and a background music track.
  12. TAGS - Create and manage your own code system for instant metadata entry. Assign Tags to teams, play types, players and more – then build full descriptions from keystrokes or simple control surface commands.